A Stinky Sewer

Shyly I walked into Radhanath Swami’s room and occupied a corner. Radhanath Swami, sitting relaxed on a rocking chair at the other end, beckoned me to come closer.  And I sat closer.

He broke into a beautiful smile. “How are you? How are your services going?”

I had joined the monastery a few weeks ago. Being insisted upon by a senior monk, I was here, in Radhanath Swami’s room. The monk had intended to make me feel at home. Yes, now experiencing the gentle smile of the Swami, I felt at home.

“I serve guests who visit our monastery.” I replied. I went on to explain how I liked the service, and the challenges I faced while serving. As I rambled on, at one point Radhanath Swami’s expression grew yucky, as if a stinky sewer had just burst open.  I paused. Did I speak something which I wasn’t supposed to speak? In a flash I realized. Inadvertently, I had criticized a guest.

Diverging to another topic, I saved my skin. I had heard from many that Radhanath Swami hates to speak or hear the criticism of anybody. Today I had gained a first hand experience.

Manish Rajan

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136 replies on “A Stinky Sewer”

Fault finding & criticising others are two of the biggest impediments on the spiritual path of self-realization. Thank you Radhanath Swami for emphasizing on this fact through this incident.

We need to overcome this prpensity to criticize others. Radhanath Swami has stressed on this point in many of his lectures

Maharaj…you’ve always shown us the virtue of righteousness through your example.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful anecdote with Radhanath Swami !
Hare Krishna !

HH Radhanath Swami always teaches us not to hate. He sows love in our hearts though we try to justify our hatred for nondevotees. As maharaj teaches, bhakti yoga is all about loving everybody. Thank you very much.

Criticism and envy are the worst enemy which are within us since so many lifetimes

Hare Krishna
His Holiness Radhanath Swami has shown the perfect example of how we should lead a life without criticizing others.

Its so inspiring , we should not hear or speak ill of others…Radhanath Maharaja Ki Jai

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