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The personality of Radhanath Swami has touched the hearts of millions. And many of them want to share those experiences with the world at large. Therefore we felt the need of this website.


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Hare Krsna Prabhus:

congrats for designing this wonderful web site. It gives me the opportunity to associate with maharaj’s activities. as being located at west coast, we are not that fortunate to have maharaj’s association very frequent. thru this site i come very close to maharaj’s association and his pastimes.
Thank you prabhus.
Hari Boi.
always your servant,
panch tattva p das.

Thank you for designing this website and many more because of scores of people have got an opportunity to read about Radhanath Swami and how he has touched peoples lives.

So nice to see this wonderful site where we have compiled all the interactions of devotees with Radhanath Swami. We need such great saints in our society so that we can get spiritual ambience and help others to achieve the perfection of human life.

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