Radhanath Swami at Kanchipuram

2 January 2011. Feeling tiny, I prostrated before the enormous form of Pandavadhut, the deity of Lord Krishna commemorating his role as the messenger of the Pandavas. Situated in Kanchipuram in South India, the deity is twenty two feet tall, his other dimensions proportionately set. He is visibly almighty, as the scriptures describe him—and seems perfectly capable of fulfilling all desires. Gazing up at him, struck by awe, I wondered what prayers he received from the pilgrims. Perhaps those seeking sensual pleasures prayed for success in endeavors, money or fame. Perhaps those in distress prayed for relief from trials and tribulations. And perhaps the enlightened prayed for ultimate liberation from repeated birth and death. But I couldn’t fathom the thoughts of those beyond even enlightenment, of those who actually loved God.

A few minutes later our little group consisting of Radhanath Swami, a few other monks and I returned to the car. Before the car lunged ahead for the next destination, Radhanath Swami remarked, “It is worth coming in to this material world and undergoing all the trials and tribulations of material existence, including the suffering of repeated birth and death—for getting a glimpse of the beauty of Pandavdhut.

–Nityananda Das.

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126 replies on “Radhanath Swami at Kanchipuram”

Sometimes it feels that Maharaj is reading the mind of the person who is thinking about something. We can not predict the answers which Mahhotraj can give.

The speciality of Radhanath Swami is that(definitely inspired by Paramatma situated in everyone’s heart) the very purpose he speaks is to pacify the minds of people who are bewildered with the things or places or people one experiences or comes across in one’s lifetime… This has been true in many of the interactions we have heard about him.

In continuation of previous comment, thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with Radhanath Swami…

Thank you Prabhu!
Prayers to Lord Pandavadhut to give me His Prema Bhakti unto Hist Lotus Feet.

Hare Krishna.

Praying to become servant of servant of servant is what mood Radhanath Swami teaches us through the life of previous great spiritual teachers. Any material benediction will be anyways swapped away by time.

What a realization by Radhanath Swami….just amazing. We cannot even imagine his love for Krishna!

thank you mahraj ! for making us understand that to take troubles of this miserable world to serve Krishna by just having His darshan is success of our life, thank you very much ,giving us a meaning to my life

Even while living in this material world, pure devotee of the Lord is feeling the spiritual bliss…

One needs to understand the subtleities that only pure devotees like Mh can enunciate

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