Radhanath Swami at Kanchipuram

2 January 2011. Feeling tiny, I prostrated before the enormous form of Pandavadhut, the deity of Lord Krishna commemorating his role as the messenger of the Pandavas. Situated in Kanchipuram in South India, the deity is twenty two feet tall, his other dimensions proportionately set. He is visibly almighty, as the scriptures describe him—and seems perfectly capable of fulfilling all desires. Gazing up at him, struck by awe, I wondered what prayers he received from the pilgrims. Perhaps those seeking sensual pleasures prayed for success in endeavors, money or fame. Perhaps those in distress prayed for relief from trials and tribulations. And perhaps the enlightened prayed for ultimate liberation from repeated birth and death. But I couldn’t fathom the thoughts of those beyond even enlightenment, of those who actually loved God.

A few minutes later our little group consisting of Radhanath Swami, a few other monks and I returned to the car. Before the car lunged ahead for the next destination, Radhanath Swami remarked, “It is worth coming in to this material world and undergoing all the trials and tribulations of material existence, including the suffering of repeated birth and death—for getting a glimpse of the beauty of Pandavdhut.

–Nityananda Das.

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126 replies on “Radhanath Swami at Kanchipuram”

How beautiful the Lord must be that Maharaj is ready to undergo everything in material world just to have darshan of the Lord! I hope and pray to have darshan of the Lord some day…

Radhanath Swami is the dearmost devotee of Lord Krishna. Ready to do anything to serve Krishna and His devotees.

South India is full of wonderful magnificent deities of the Lord and Radhanath Swami reveals them to us.

Wow..such comment can only come straight from the heart of true lover of God. And Radhanath Swami is one of them..

Radhanath Swami is so sincerely dedicated to the Supreme Lord. He harbours no other desire in his heart than to serve Him and His devotees.

Simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing yet another ecstatic encounter with HH Radhanath Swami.

That’s clean bowled me! Radhanath Swami is teaching us here the thoughts and prayers of a pure devotee.

All Glories To H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Leaves us speechless. Maharaj may veer you from one dimension to all together a different dimension, but everything rooted in one single root of spirituality.

Hare Krishna

I am speechless..thank you for giving us a glimpse of Radhanath Swami’s love for God which is far far beyond my imagination even.

Thank you very much for sharing. Pure devotees sees everything is only due to Lord’s mercy

HH Radhanath Swami is prepared to go to any extent to get a glipse of Lord and to please the Lord.

Only a pure devotee like Radhanath Swami can see the real beauty of these deities and the holy places of pilgrimage.

HHRNSM is a pure devotee and a pure devotee is always searching for the Lord in everything and is always pleased to see a glimpse of the Lord, haribol, rajesh karia

wonderful experience, Maharaj is so pure in his heart and is always seeking the Lord in everything and is willing to undergo the cycle of birth and death to get a glimpse of the Lord, haribol, bhakti

This really requires ‘Premanjan cutita bhakti vilocana’. Thank You very much for sharing!

This really requires ‘Premanjan cutita bhakti vilocana’. Thank You very much for sharing this nectar!

Only a personality like Radhanath Swami has the authority to say that undergoing all difficulties of this world just to have one glimpse of Supreme Lord, and this is perfectly visible from Radhanath Swami’s book “The Journey Home”, how many hardships he had to undergo in finding his Guru “A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada”.

maharaj sees Lord Krishna in everything and would like to go to any suffereing for the benefit of people.Maharaj is really merciful..

Maharaj could actually see the beauty of the Lord and aptly glorify the same. What a wonderful remark when we keep in our mind “The Journey Home”.

Thank you Nityananada Prabhuji for sharing this nice story with us.Thanks for your translation seva in Sri-Rangam.

How much bliss it must be to hear this from a realized soul like Radhanath swami

How much bliss it must be to hear this from a realized soul like Radhanath swami

We can never imagine till what extent self realized souls like Radhanath Swami can go to please the Lord.

With Radhanath Swami we understand something higher than liberation – love for God.

This message from Radhanath Swami clearly shows how much love he has for the Lord. We can all perfect our lives just to serve him.

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