Radhanath Swami Appeals

My lower nature overcame me and I fumed with fury riled by the antics of my mother-in-law. My intelligence prompted me to sympathize with her: “After all, the poor lady is a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. Look how innocently and helplessly she stands in front of you. ” But my debased tendencies turned a deaf ear to those inner voices. As I was on the verge of exploding into a tirade, Radhanath Swami’s appeal to me spoke through my heart, miraculously curbing the anger that swelled in my chest. “On her behalf I beg forgiveness from you for all her misbehaviors. She is not in a position to understand what she herself does.”

These compassionate words had sprouted from his soft heart upon seeing the diseased condition of my mother-in-law, when he had visited our home. He had presaged situations like the one I was in, and had spoken those words to me. Then folding his palms in humble appeal before me, he created a telling impression in my conscience. Those impressions had once again saved me from brewing up an ugly hassle.

– Pushpa Ashok Shetty

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To remember the instructions and follow it, is a glorious act! Thank you for sharing this realization.

Radhanath Swami’s compassion & understanding is unparallel……he puts himself in other person’s shoes & thinks accordingly, which a common man fails to understand………..

Radhanath swami maharaj’s compassion, humility and understanding is beyond what a common man could think of.

Thank you so much for sharing. Its so great of you for remembering Maharaja and acting and also sharing that incident.

Radhanath Swami is teaching us how our service to others should be unconditional inspite of the many inconveniences it may cause.

Maharaj is very compassionate to everyone. This incident exemplifies his big heart. thanks for sharing.

thanks mataji for sharing heartful experience this shows how radhanath swami is compassionate to all

It is a powerful reminder that you have shared with us – Radhanath Swami is highlighting that we have to see the person first, and the diseased condition as secondary.

Remembering a pure soul like Radhantah Swami our hearts also transform in search for real love and happiness

Radhanath Swami is amazing…He changed so many lives…so interesting coz its really difficult to change the heart of the people!

Inviting a pure soul like Radhanath swami sets everything right. His association creates long lasting effects such as this experience, shared by Mrs. Pushpa Shetty

Radhanath Swami Maharaja is an emblem of humility and all otehr spiritual qualities. Hi snew book launch “The Journey Home” reveals many more of his qualities.

Thank you for sharing this. All inconveniences are meant to uplift our consciousness. But this can truly happen if we are taking shelter of the instructions and messages of Lord’s and his surrendered devotees’.

Its really touching to see how Radhanath Swami apologizes for her mother-in-law’s behavior to her. A person in the renounced order is teaching us how to deal with our family members!

Radhanath Swami is teaching us the principle “Forgive to be forgiven” very effectively.

Radhanath Swami’s instructions if followed properly can make our lives so simple and blissful. Thanks Maharaj for being a wonderful guiding force in our lives.

This is amazing…pastime. teaches us so many things
forbearance and tolerance for once. If we want God to forgive us for our mistakes we need to first forgive people for their mistakes. forgiveness is a great quality.

With out tolerance not even one relation can be sustained in this world. Thank you very much for sharing such an inspiring incident which reveals Radhanath Swami’s Compassion.

It is amazing how God reciprocates with a sincere disciple by miraculously reminding her of her Guru Radhanath Swami’s words at the most crucial juncture.

“On her behalf I beg forgiveness from you for all her misbehaviors. She is not in a position to understand what she herself does.”
A true gentleman like Radhanath Swami can speak these words dipped in compassion.

Radhanath Maharaj is so compassionate towards every being. we are so fortunate that we can read and discuss realisation of diffrent devotees with Maharaj. this will help us knowing Maharaj much better and increase our respect for him more and more

It so heart-touching! Radhanath Swami words pulls out the most unwanted things from within the heart. It is a great fortune to receive direct instructions from such a sadhu!

Thank you for sharing.
A guru is not God but should be treated as good as God. We should understand that whatever advises H.H. Radhanath Swami gives must be treated as advise given by Krsna Himself. Thank you once again for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your experience with Radhanath Swami… It further increases our love for him…

The more I read about Maharaj…the more I thank Krishna for introducing him in our lives.I fall short of words to describe his greatness ,humility,tolerance, compassion,foresight

Humility and compassion of Radhanath Swami Maharaj touches my heart. Thanks for giving glimpse into his loving dealings.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj brings out the best in everyone. It’s amazing to see his soft heartedness.

To be sweet when the other person is nice is easy. Radhanath swami is teaching us thru his example and words how to be have a nice disposition even otherwise

Radhanath Swami not only speaks in his discourses about humility & compassion but also shows by his personal behaviour what it means to be humble compassionate.
Thank Mrs. Pushpa for sharing such a heart touching experience with Radhanath Swami.

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

He not only himself practices the virtue of forgiving but also inspires others to practice it in such a loving way.

Thank you Mataji for honestly sharing your experiences. Radhanath swami’s instructions are very valuable and practical.

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