With Radhanath Swami at a Traffic signal

October 1998, I was driving Radhanath Swami to a distant suburb in Mumbai. On a traffic signal street urchins knocked on our windows begging us to give something. Radhanath Swami asked me “Do you have some rice puffs or pancakes to give to them?”

I replied in the negative as I did not have any food item to give.

In a gesture of cupping his arms he looked towards me and said “Give me some money” I was relieved thinking he would give the money to the beggars. I immediately put out some change into his hands.

Looking at me he said “Now you give this money to them”.

I complied and drove off from the signal.

But for the next 20 minutes Radhanath Swami was driving the point to me that I was not carrying any food item to give to the beggars. He said “ It is a very humiliating experience to be begging” and then lowering his voice further “ It is even more humiliating when you do not give”.

In a mood of instruction and pleading Radhanath Swami said “ You must carry some food item like pancakes, rice puffs, grain biscuits etc. And as a last resort you can give money but know well that money may get misused”

This instance remains etched in my mind and I confirm the presence of small food packets in my car even before I look for the keys.

Radhanath Swami has compassion towards one and all without any consideration of race, caste, age, sex, religion, country or even economic status.

– Ujwal Jajoo

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180 replies on “With Radhanath Swami at a Traffic signal”

Maharaj has always been so compassionate to everyone. His every action has some meaning and teaches us something wonderful.

Heart touching, Radhanath Swami is a true spiritual leader, who concerns about every suffering soul.

thanku you for sharing radhanath swami maharaaj tis instruction i shall alwz try n follow @ evey step

Radhanath Swami is not only a deeply philosophical saint but also a very down to earth, practical and loving person.

This incident teaches us that any one who approach a devotee should not leave with empty hand

Maharaj has this amazing quality to feel for the pain of others (para dukhi) and he goes out of the way to help others.

Amazing! how HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj is sensitive to the feelings of even those people whom the world considers insignificant.

HH Radhanath Swami is so sensitive of others feelings even of street beggars. This is what I like in Radhanath Swami.

wonderful. Now i will remember to carry something in my car always. Thank you Maharaj

Respected radhanath Swami…thank you for being mercyful to beggers like us

Its realy touching to the heart becous so many time i hv ignored beggars. But by reading to radhanath swami my heart is feeling compation towords beggars.Radhanath swami always teaches his students by his example .thank u radhanath swami

Radhanath Swami Maharaj teaching us through his example how to be practically compassionate and yet be careful as to how that compassion may not be misused.

This is the compassion of a genuine devotee by giving prasad his connection is made. all glories to maharaj.Thank you

Very nice story which has taught me a lesson. Thank you very much Radhanath Swami for this invaluable instruction.

Showing caring nature of radhanath swami for others. Thank you for sharing .

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