Radhanath Swami Appeals

My lower nature overcame me and I fumed with fury riled by the antics of my mother-in-law. My intelligence prompted me to sympathize with her: “After all, the poor lady is a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. Look how innocently and helplessly she stands in front of you. ” But my debased tendencies turned a deaf ear to those inner voices. As I was on the verge of exploding into a tirade, Radhanath Swami’s appeal to me spoke through my heart, miraculously curbing the anger that swelled in my chest. “On her behalf I beg forgiveness from you for all her misbehaviors. She is not in a position to understand what she herself does.”

These compassionate words had sprouted from his soft heart upon seeing the diseased condition of my mother-in-law, when he had visited our home. He had presaged situations like the one I was in, and had spoken those words to me. Then folding his palms in humble appeal before me, he created a telling impression in my conscience. Those impressions had once again saved me from brewing up an ugly hassle.

– Pushpa Ashok Shetty

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All GLories TO H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Our proclivities will time and again haunt us to ape our deprecating beahivour, but only association with devotees , and a able guidance under the shelter of our Guru shall we be able to tide them deftly.

Hare Krishna

Radhanath Swami’s words are very penetrating and leaves and impact in one’s heart.

Srila Radhanath Swami’s compassion and humility is incomparable and so very genuine, from the very core of his heart. Before we perform any action, if we can check our consciousness, that, “will this act of mine be pleasing to my Guru?” If we can remember the transcendental instructions/statements of the Spiritual Master at all times, especially at difficult times, then we are saved from succumbing to unpleasant situations.Thank you, Mataji, for sharing this pastime with us.

Radhanath Swami is truly an ocean of mercy and has unlimited compassion towards all living entities who come in contact with him…

I have no words to describe this gesture of Radhanath Swami…..just beyond expression.

Everytime I read an experience here of various people – I wonder – hey… am I living/walking/eating on the same planet as this Holy man Radhanath Swami is?

How is this person like this? How can anyone be like this? Definitely not a preson who wants something from this world…someone who is living only to share the love of God…

This incident brings out Radhanath Swami’s compassionate nature in its full glory. He is so merciful & kind to every one he comes in contact with. His humble behaviour & endearing social etiqutte is without parallel.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj is so compassionate. We cannot describe his compassion in words.

Great story! Radhanath Swami is so compassionate he understands the persons heart instead of judging him/her by the externals

You have shared a very personal incident and how Radhanath Swami had envisaged such a situation and left a indelible mark on your thought pattern – this saved you from another ugly situation. Thanks for sharing this

Radhanath Swami once said ” It takes great amount of tolerance, patience and forgiveness to have loving relationships “

To beg forgiveness for once own mistakes is difficult, what to speak of begging for someone else’s mistakes. It really takes a truly humble and compassionate person to do that.

Amazing.. i think we can all extrapolate this in our own lives. Thank you Prem Lila Devi ji for sharing your honest realisations

Radhanath Swami through his loving and most humble nature can help us circumvent our own shortcomings and faults. Remembering his profound words in all circumstances can have the most calming and uplifting effect on the consciousness.

This is incredible. I wish I can hear Maharaj’s words in situations like these, as this would avert so much pain for all. May Maharaj always be there to inspire and correct us in difficult situations.

Thank you very much for sharing. H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj is a great soul who is compassionate to all living entities and changes everyone’s hearts.

Only we will know to empathize with others at difficult situations, Guru and Krishna will be pleased with us. Thanks Mataji for sharing this experience.

These real life experiences are very compelling evidences of Mahrajas qualities to purify and soften our hard hearts. Thanks for sharing.. HH RadhanathSwami Maharaj Ki Jai

Only great and pure souls like Maharaji can symphatize during difficult situations like these.

My Lord…this is real compassionate nature. Radhanath Swami has so expertly understood the situation and handeled it so wonderfully…simply amazing

Only strong association with great personalities will help us overcome our lower propensities

Radhanath Swami’s words & demeanour have a very profound & calming effect on our baser instincts.

Thank you very much for positively accepted the words of Radhanath swami. saintly persons words contain blessings of Krishna. it is proven in your case. Thanks a lot.

Maharaj is willing to take over the responsibility of our shortcomings and save us from any danger that stands before us. True Saviour, True Spiritual Master!!!

HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj ki Jai. Maharaj is very compassionate and it can melt the hearts of everyone.

Maharaj is so compassionate! Mataji you are so lucky to get the guidance from maharaj directly. Haribol!!

It’s amazing how he instructs us – personally, through heart or even through dreams. He is always with each of us…

When intelligence can not control the mind we succumb to lower nature. Maharaj’s insightful, loving and genuine words help our intelligence to curb to proclivities of mind which usually take us to hell.

Every appeal of Radhanath Swami is filled with compassion and love for every living entity. Only a truly selfless person can perform such deeds!

It is very difficult to curb the lower tendencies but by taking association of pure heart souls like Maharaj and hearing form them influences us to overcome this lower nature and saves us from carried away by the lower modes.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj understands the needs of every soul and acts in perfection. Thank you.

Radhanath Swami’s consideration and care towards all the other living entities is so deep rooted theat it makes the person who comes in contact with him affected by those words.

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