Radhanath Swami Bears the Burden of Love….

Scene 1: Radhanath Swami returns to the banks, drenched in the icy cold waters of the Alaknanda River. But his clothes!!! They aren’t there, where he had left them. A pilgrim comes up and brags, that those clothes are now spotlessly clean. Gleefully he points in the direction where he spread out the clothes on a rock for drying.

The chilly winds are far from being co-operative. Under their sway the moist-clothes have frozen into a crisp icy-ware. Radhanath Swami puts them on, with no complaints.

The next day, we hear he is sick.

Scene 2: Outside Radhanath Swami’s guesthouse room in Badrinath, crowds impatiently clamor. His followers have gathered, and want to render some service to their Guru. One follower appears out of the blue and barges into the room. As others watch on, he quietly places his blanket upon Radhanath Swami whose form lies curled beneath a single blanket. With a content smile he walks out. The crowds disperse, only to reassemble after minutes. But now, each one is carrying a blanket.

In hushed voices, they communicate to form a single line that leads to Radhanath Swami’s room. Ceremoniously, each follower enters and drapes their Guru with a blanket, an offering of love. (Fortunately in 1990 when this incident occurred, only 50 odd of Radhanath Swami’s followers were on this pilgrimage with Radhanath Swami.)

Very soon, it’s a hillock of blankets over the bedstead, and buried beneath is Radhanath Swami. The followers wait outside, their chanting of mantras droning on. They await the recovery of their Guru. Hours pass by.

The hillock slightly trembles. The droning ebbs into an eerie silence. Everyone is transfixed in the sight of the shaking hillock. As some hundred eyes watch on, Radhanath Swami crawls out from beneath, sweltering.

“How’s your cold now?” a concerned voice inquires from Radhanath Swami.

“Cold?!!!!!……I had a stomach ache.”


–Vishakha Priya Devi


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179 replies on “Radhanath Swami Bears the Burden of Love….”

Maharaj accepts every circumstance as Krishna’s mercy. All glories to Guru Maharaj.This incident shows that he is outstanding in his tolerance and humility.

HH Radhanath swami is amazing – He accepts service from His servants in mood of serving them. Very well narrated pastime,Thank you for sharing.

Swamiji, you are so loving & caring as it appears from the articles shared by various devotees. Even though you had stomach ache & all devotees unknowingly offered you a blanket, you never complained that you were not sufreing from cold, but from stomachache. It pains your heart to disrespect someone’s love & offering to you.

Very funny story – though very instructional – to know what is the real need of the Guru. And so glorious is that you didn’t complain !

An teacher teaches by example. How much caring is Swamiji for not to disturb the loving sentiments of others inspite of his stomach ache

This incident happened in 1990, 21 years have passed, the numbers have swelled from 50 to beyond 5000, if the same incident happened again, the Response of Maharaj will be the same. Such immense is the love in his heart that he can lovingly accept all inconveniences in the service of the Lord.

A very nice article. This shows how Radhanath Swami lovingly accepted the bodily difficulties caused by his followers with love and affection.

Radhanath Swami teaches us how to see the intention behind the service and not the service itself.

A very touching incident. How Maharaj can exhibit voncern for someone when he himself is reeling under bitter pain, is something only a person with utmost compassion for others can show.

The science of spirituality lends us such important lessons for life that only exemplary actions is the eventual outcome.

one has to be so careful while dealing with pure devotees. They can go to any extent to give pleasure to others 🙂

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