A Window into Radhanath Swami’s Heart

This exchange with Radhanath Swami—though momentary—for me was momentous.

One afternoon after lunch, Radhanath Swami and I rambled along the edges of the lecture hall at Radhagopinath Temple. The sight of each painting that hung on the side walls stopped us in our tracks briefly, before we proceeded ahead.

For pure devotees, to see such depictions of Lord Krishna’s pastimes is to see through a window—into the spiritual world. Will Radhanath Swami be kind enough to share some of his feelings after looking through these ‘windows’?

My desire found its fulfillment when we reached one corner of the hall. There, a painting displayed Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan hill effortlessly, balancing it on the little finger of his left hand. His devotees—cowherd men and women, parrots, peacocks and cows—encircled him and looked on at this incredible feat admiringly.

“I like this personality, this cowherd lady,” Radhanatha Swami pointed to a lady in the painting. From behind the crowd that encircled Krishna, her face barely emerged out; she easily skipped one’s attention if the painting wasn’t examined with scrutiny.

“She is in the background and she is happy to be in the background,” Radhanath Swami said—and then said nothing. But the two lines that he spoke opened up a window into his heart. Seeing through that window I saw an ocean of humility.

–Srila Haridas Thakur.

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123 replies on “A Window into Radhanath Swami’s Heart”

maharaj truly exemplifies the verse of Bhagavad Gita, vidya vinaya sampanne ……..(5.18)

Vision of pure devotees like Radhanath Swami is different from other.

His attention to details shows his love for Krsna & Krsnas devotees.Wonderful article.Thanks for sharing.

A special experience indeed! Thanks for showing us this window into HH Radhanath Swami’s heart.

Humility attracts the Lord and Radhanath Swami through his lectures and talks tries to drive home this point. His narration of the story of Dukhi becoming Sukhi through her menial service to Srivas Thakur, the intimate devotee of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu highlights this point of humility.

Thank you for telling us how great saints like Radhanath service will perceive the pictures with total spiritual vision.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pastime which reflects Radhanath Swami’s deep humility.

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