Radhanath Swami: The Prayer-er Writer

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Radhanath Swami had a deadline for completing the editing of the book, but the deadline had come right in the middle of one of the biggest festivals of the year. He had to give discourses that thousands had come from all over India to hear, and he also had to attend to guests who had come from different parts of the world. An ever-courteous host, Radhanath Swami was hard-pressed for time and so had no time to put into words the several ideas he had come up with to improve the book further. Consequently, our roles changed; he asked me to write several things and then he would edit them.

On the last day of our editing marathon, he told me, “This is a book about bhakti and Hanuman is well-known the world over as a quintessential bhakta. So we should write something about Hanuman in the book.” (Hanuman is the heroic monkey-warrior in the devotional epic Ramayana) After a brief, animated discussion, we finalized what I should write. Suddenly, he said, “You can come back after one hour and then we will edit what you have written.” I was surprised at what seemed an unnecessary delay; over the last fortnight, I had at times worked for hours in his room itself, where I would write and he would edit, and, in parallel, he would write and I would edit. Now, when we had reached the last lap of the marathon, I wondered: why this delay?

Anyway, I went to the room that had my workspace and returned after an hour. Alert as he always is, he probably sensed the question in my mind and said, “Do you know why I asked you to come after one hour?” When I shook my head, he said softly, “I had gone to the temple hall to pray to Hanumanji to guide us how to best glorify him in this book.”

I was speechless. In the beautiful temple at Mumbai that Radhanath Swami has inspired, there is an inconspicuous deity of Hanuman near the one of the doors. Most visitors to the temple probably don’t even notice his presence. When we were discussing about Hanuman for the book, I didn’t even think about the deity. But Radhanath Swami, with his intense devotional alertness, not only remembered Hanumanji as the deity, but also delayed his work just so that he could seek the blessings of Hanumanji.

The contrast between his devotional consciousness and my intellectual consciousness simultaneously dismayed and delighted me. Dismayed because I was seeing the writing mostly as a literary activity, which I would excel at by use of my literary skills. Delighted because I was seeking the example of a person whose writing skills were far better than mine, but who was humbly offering prayers and seeking blessings to be able to write, not a whole book, but a few paragraphs within a book. Generally, during my writing, I pray only when my literary skills fail me and I am forced to realize that, without higher help, I am stuck. But Radhanath Swami was teaching me by his example of how prayer should precede action, not succeed action.

I remembered how before Radhanath Swami had written his first book The Journey Home¸ he had been asked, “Are you a writer?” He had humbly replied, “I am not a writer, but a prayer-er, one who offers prayers.” Of course, he is not just a prayer-er; he is a writer, an excellent writer at that. And his excellence in writing comes from his scrupulousness in praying. His writing, being divinely blessed, doesn’t just titillate the mind and impress the intellect, but touches and transforms the heart. From the depth of the devotion of his heart gushes forth the spring of his writing, a spring that cleanses and purifies all those who chose to bath in it. I hope to be blessed with many, many more opportunities to bathe in that sacred stream.

–Chaitanya Charan Das.

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Radhanath swami is following the footsteps of Hanuman. Remaining very firm in the mood of a servant

Reading these narrations, there is no doubt that our hearts will transform and that we will imbibe such divine qualities in our own lives.

Radhanath Swami has provided the secret of succeeding in any venture: prayer before the action.Thank you Radhanath Swami.

Thank you Prabhuji for sharing the heart of Radhanath Swami. Radhanath Swami is so pure hearted and I always have feeling that he has a special attraction to Hanumanji as I do have.

Radhanath Swami abiity to ascribe all his accomplishments to GOD is a remarkable example of his humility. No doubt, he is prayer-er, and an excelent one too.

praying to hanuman is very important. we tend to neglect the deity of hanuman in the temple. but radhanath swami is teaching us a valuable lesson through this incident

I am impressed that Radhanath Swami recognises other great devotees like Hanuman and has greatest respect and devotion to them also

Very Inspiring – Prayer should precede action, not succeed action. Thanks a lot Prabhuji for sharing this wonderful realization.

Really H.H Radhnath Swami is great devotee and always teaches by his examples. Thanks Maharaj!

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful experience with Radhanath Swami. Radhanath Swami’s life itself is an offering to the Lord

This brings out the spontaneous devotional mood of Radhanath Maharaj. It is natural for a devotee to pray and seek shelter and blessings to do any activity.

Radhanath Swami’s intense devotional alertness is something so unique and important that we all have to learn from and act in our lives. Thank you maharaj for showing us what is of true value in life!

Inspite of being such an amazing writer how Maharaj teaches us through his humility is simply wonderful.

prayer should precede action not succeed action – we think we are the doer, what’s the need of Lord when I am capable. I think, such an attitude reflects our poisoned mentality. Krsna says – Ahankar vimudha aatma kartaham iti manyate… We are vimudhas – grossly foolish when we think I’m the doer and forget the hand of Lord.

This is a wonderful example set by Maharaj that one must pray before endeavouring otherwise we become too confident of our own abilities.Maharaj is a great devotee and his level of consciousness is far higher from what anyone would imagine.

Prayers should precede action not succeed action. thank you for this nectarian instruction

With Radhanath swami its not about “walk the talk” – its better than that – its about “talk the walk”.

In his book “The Journey Home” Radhanath Swami talks about few walks of his life; as we read it chapter by chapter, I feel each chapter can easily become a book of its own!

“Radhanath Swami was teaching me by his example of how prayer should precede action, not succeed action.”
Prayer preceeding actions brings out humility and prayer succeding action comes out of helplessness.

Thank you so much for sharing such heart touching incidents about Radhanath Swami. They open our eyes not only to his depth in devotion but his total surrender to the Lord.

we enjoyed reading this. hanuman ji ki jay. Radhanath swami maharaj ki jay.

thank for this inspiring story. Maharaja’s attention to detail and deep devotion is amazing. looking forward to this book you are talking about…

Just like Hanumanji so perfectly served his master,Lord Rama, Maharaj is perfectly serving his master, Srila Prabhupada.

One of the very nice inspiring passages that describe the devotional consciousness of His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj is an elevated devotee and a very good writer, but is very alert and humble devotee.

I too want to imbibe such prayerful mood which precedes the action. That way one can always remain humble. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pasttime. Hare Krishna !!

Transformation of the heart is the only purpose of writing and Radhanath Swami is a writer in that sense.

The more i read thses experiences of devotees with Maharaj…the more I want to keep on reading it…..Maharaj is a ocean of qualities which one can not even think of.

We are made of your mercy Maharaj nothing else.

Yes the power behind Radhanath Swami’s deep spiritual writings is his intense paryers and connection to the Lord.

thank you radhanath swami
You teach by your example every little thing in the process of Bhakti!

Radhanath Maharaj’s sweet mood of humility must be so immensely pleasing to Krishna.

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