Radhanath Swami’s Balancing Wit

While we savored Bhakti Yoga during our stay at the monastery in Mumbai, we developed a deep longing to share that experience with others. Prodded by fellow feelings, the three of us, all Americans, first wanted to reach out to our countrymen touring Mumbai. We decided to visit a neighborhood tourist trap, Colaba. But first, we sought blessings from Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami’s eyes gleamed with joy seeing us exuberant to share the gifts we received, for sharing one’s joy with others is the heart of spirituality. He exclaimed, “The three of you remind me of the trio—Srinivas Acharya, Narottam Das Thakur, and Shyamananda Pandit!”

Encouraged, we smiled from ear to ear. These were names of renowned saints of the seventeenth century who pioneered the spreading of Lord Chaitanya’s school of Bhakti Yoga.

Speaking of the philosophy and glories of Bhakti was exhilarating. But disinterested responses demoralized us. Our minds would then find a sanctuary in Radhanath Swami’s encouraging words, and that helped us go on with renewed enthusiasm.

Gradually, we started finding interested people. While on one hand it boosted our confidence, on the other we began to imagine halos around our heads; we now felt like messiahs.

When one brother flew to America to resume his duties there, the two of us went to Radhnath Swami. “Narrottama Das Thakur has left,” I said, remembering Radhanath Swami’s comparison of the renowned trio with our trio.  Implicitly it meant we were indeed of the caliber of Srinivas Acharya and Shyamananda Pandit.

“Seeing the two of you now, I am somehow reminded of  Jagai and Madhai,” Radhanath Swami’s body rocked with laughter. He had punctured our egos in split seconds. Jagai and Madhai were renowned criminals of sixteenth century India who were eventually delivered by the benevolent Lord Chaitanya. Of course, he didn’t mean we were criminals. But through his lambent wit he conveyed that we weren’t as holy as we felt we were.

Both enthusiasm and humility are pillars of bhakti yoga, and he knew which needed support when, and how to administer that support.

–Jean Paul

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127 replies on “Radhanath Swami’s Balancing Wit”

Wow….simply amazing to see how Radhanath Swami is expert in teaching valuable lessons in such a loving way.

Marvelous! Amazing how Radhanath Swami can inspire devotees, convey messages of enthusiasm and humility through humour, and thereby increase the recipient’s love for him and for God much more.

Radhanath Swami has immense sense of humour……& he known how to correct persons in a humorous way so that it reaches their heart & doesnot hurt them……

sine(sign) wave of bhakti yoga,ups or downs does not matter,what matters is service to guru and goranga……

WOW….. This is the mark of a real mentor/teacher. Radhanath Swami’s way of correction is so loving, that He made it appear like a humor.
Hats off to Radhanath Swami /\-/\O_

One of the closest things to the heart of Radhanath Swami is to preach the message of bhakti to westerners who come over to Mumbai

Radhanath Swami an ideal spiritual leader knows how to dovetail the propensities of an individual in Lord’s service.

Through wit and humour Radhanath Swami is teaching lessons in humility and enthusiasm to his students.Beautiful realization

Radhanath Swami is a guru in true sense who gives enthusiasm when required and also cautions his disciples of dangers of false pride…. and all done very lovingly.

radhanath swami’s teachings are very unique, he first of all becomes friend of the persons who approaches them through his instant wit which fills the gap between them to get closer,

Both enthusiasm and humility are pillars of bhakti yoga, and he knew which needed support when, and how to administer that support .Very well said statement by Jean Paul .Radhanth Swami is driven by the desire to serve everyone .

Radhanath Swami’s wit is legendary & unparalled. He crushes any trace of false ego & pride without demotivating the person. Rather his words encourages the person to work on the shortcomings & become a better devotee.

Radhanath swami wanted every one of us to develop humility which is the basic fundamental principle for attaining devotion to God. Radhanath swami has a very unique nature of correcting the people without hurting them and at the same time affecting the desired result for them in them.

Amazing article on how Radhanath Swami can distribute exthusiasm and sans pride and keep it balanced wtih humility.

Ha Ha! What a amazing pastime. H H RAdhanath Maharaj is a true guru as he cannot tolerate pride in the heart of the disciple and by his causeless mercy he takes care of his disciples.

Maharaj really cares for all his disciples and deals with each situation as it presents itself. Absolutely beautiful. Hari Bol!

My inflated pride needs to read something like this everyday. H H Radhanath Maharaj ki jai!

Radhanath Swami is the best at balancing – balancing the enthusiasm and ego/pride of his followers. But he does it in such a loving and humourous way, that noone would ever feel depressed or let down.

its humorous and at the same time he conveyed the message by giving the previous acaryas name, so one can really get inspire and follow their footsteps.

Radhanath Swami’s wit & humor is so remarkable that it enthuses everyone & makes devotional life a very interesting & lovable experience.

Hmmm…’s true huh…that when we start to do devotional service with enthusiasm and by the mercy of Spiritual master and Krishna, we see the results of our efforts, and at the same time the weed creeper of pride starts growing without our notice. It is essential to remain under the shelter and guidance of saintly persons to avoid getting trapped by the devouring creeper.
Thanks very much for sharing. Very nice lesson.

Radhanath Swami knows what is good for us as a true wellwisher he always tries to help us.

Radhanath Swami protects us from spiritual downfall by making sure that we do not allow the poisonous weeds of pride & false ego to grow alongside the creeper of devotional service.

Yes, Radhanath Swami is Pure Devotee of the lord and he can understand our false ego and as an real Guru can guide us properly.

Preaching according to time, place and circumstances. Radhanath Swami does everything perfectly. He glorifies and chastises perfectly. All are beneficial to all. All glories to Radhanath Swami

In such an extraordinary way HH Radhanath Swami knows the heart of all and gives just right dosage to cure our material disease!

An expert spititualist like Radhanath Swami knows how to crash the ego in others with the weapon of love.

Whosoever said spirituality and humour go ill-together reasoned ill.
Radhanath Swami uses humour so effectively that the person being corrected actually leaves him with the message and a big smile on his/her face.
This, though is not easy to imitate, and requires an expert.

Radhanath Swami has both enthusiasm and humility. How he extracted both in the author is heartening to know.

Wonderful combination humility and enthusiasm. Maharaj not only knows the key to advancement in Bhakti but also how to teach it to his followers. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing.

Wow really a nice experience. Thank you very much for sharing this. Radhanath Swami Maharaj knows what exactly needs to be given to one for his own welfare. It is as if he can read the minds of people 🙂

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