Radhanath Swami’s Encroachment

I darted over to Radhanath Swami’s room. There he was sitting, conversing with another devotee. I prostrated myself at Radhanath Swami’s feet and asked for his blessings to leave. “I am going. Now onwards I will come only on very special occasions,” I said. Radhanath shook his head in approval. Next moment, I was out of the room.

Once out, I climbed down the staircase and briskly walked along the courtyard to reach the gate of Radhagopinath Temple. Then stepping out into a narrow alley, I headed towards the bustling main street. All along I struggled to be resilient, but to no avail; I was burnt out by forceful sermons, and badly. I loved the temple, I loved Radhanath Swami, I loved the Hare Krishna mantra, I loved most practices of Bhakti Yoga, but I hated anyone encroaching on my free will. And a few devotees at the temple, I felt, did that with me. Now enough of it, I had decided; I couldn’t take it anymore. As I called for a taxi, I found in my heart no inclination to return.

Suddenly, from behind, I could hear screams, “Ashok, Ashok.” I turned around. Running up to me, a monk panted, “Radhanath Swami wants to have a word with you before you leave. He is waiting for you at the gate.” Straining my sight, I made out the frail figure of Radhanath Swami standing at the gate. How could I turn a deaf ear to his request? Escorted by the monk, I marched back through the alley.

As I drew closer to the gate, I could read concern written on Radhanath Swami’s face—in bold. It was an unforgettable visage.

Minutes later, I was sitting in Radhanath Swami’s room, and he sat facing me across a table. I learnt from him that at first he hadn’t registered what I had said  after darting into his room. After I had stormed out, the devotee who had been conversing with him explained to him what I had meant. Immediately, Radhanath Swami had sprung up from his seat to stop me.

Now, he wanted to know why I was distraught. When I opened my heart, his expression soured with disgust. He didn’t like pressurizing anyone to do anything, nor did he like anyone in the temple do that; free will was the pivot on which bhakti, pure love for God, revolved.

We conversed from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. All along he appreciated my sincerity on the spiritual path, and encouraged me to continue in all enthusiasm. He heard all my difficulties at the temple, and with the tenderness of a loving father, provided solutions from his mature understanding. Towards the end, he wrenched my heart off my chest, “Ashok, do you love me?” With emotion climbing in my throat, I said, “yes.” “You promise me that you won’t stop coming here,” he pleaded. I nodded. But he wasn’t satisfied. Clasping my hands, he brought me in front of the holy altar. Its doors were closed, as deities of Radha and Krishna were put to rest for the night. Still, he demanded in love, “Here, promise me that you won’t stop coming to the temple.” With tears brimming in my eyes I gave him my promise.

That was 22 years ago. Now, looking back, I wonder—that night, hadn’t Radhanath Swami also encroached on my free will?! He had, but that was an encroachment of love, something that the heart burns for, rather than burns out with.

And before I end, one more thing. Over the years, the congregation has grown in maturity. Now, following in the footsteps of Radhanath Swami,  no one resorts to force while teaching bhakti yoga.

–Ashok Parikh

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129 replies on “Radhanath Swami’s Encroachment”

Wonderfull, Maharaj is great such a humility and compassion real one, what he preaches practically he applies, I had tears in my eyes when reading this, all glories to the guru and his desciple.

I love you maharaj

Thank you for sharing this example of Radhanath Swami’s compassionate nature.

THANK U Prabhuji for sharing ,How Maharaj has so much care ,concern & love for everyone.

Encroachment of love. Thats the only hope in this world – to love and be loved. Thank you very much for sharing.

Many thanks for sharing this story. It goes on to explain Radhanath swami’s hard work to develop the Radha Gopinath community at Mumbai.

All Glories To H.H Radhanath swami Maharaj

A gripping incident. Though much serious it tells one thing loudly, how much care does Maharaj exhibits to keep the congregation bound with his unconditional love. If Maharaj lives this philosophy, why can each one of us try an emulate to even follow an iota of that magnanimity.

Hare Krishna.

The way with which Radhanath swami deals with devotees will impact so much in their spirtual life.

HK,Maharaj,Maharaj ki jai hoo…!!!!
Really Maharaj what you did to Ashok the very same we all want.Really touched my heart and eyes watery.Thank you Ashok for sharing it with us.
YS-anshu jaiman

this definitely is an encroachment of love… nice words by Maharaj, and great spirit you took it in.

Thank you for the great post showing Radhanath Swami’s infinite love and compassion for all.

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