Radhanath Swami’s Approach

Gloom lurked in the silence between us, as Radhanath Swami and I sat facing each other, pondering, “What action to take?” His student, whom I also knew well, had grossly blundered, adversely affecting many lives. Now we expected her here, at any moment. In fixing an appointment with Radhanath Swami, either she was daring, or she had no qualms about her blunder.  

Radhanath Swami broke the silence. “What should I tell her?”

Disgust stirred in my chest as I whispered, “You should not meet her.”

“That might be your approach. My love, however, is eternal. Even if one commits the most gruesome crime, my love for that person will not terminate, not  even change. ” Radhanath Swami, narrowing his eyes, continued, “But then, that love I express in a different way.”

Just then, the lady entered with her parents. After thoroughly scolding her, Radhanath Swami concluded, “Until you genuinely repent for your mistakes, the doors of our Radhagopinath temple will remain closed for you. You won’t be allowed to participate in any of the temple festivals.” The meeting ended.

Four years passed. One day, when I met Radhanath Swami in the temple corridor, he spoke of a phone call from the lady’s parents. They had conveyed to him the heart-felt repentance of their daughter. Radhanath Swami asked me, “Should we allow her to come to the temple now?”

“You please decide.”

“I think we should allow her now,” Radhanath Swami declared.

In that scolding she received from Radhanath Swami, if the lady had felt anything but love, perhaps she would never even

think of returning.

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I was recently going through the famous book on self help, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Radhanth Swami coz of his saintly nature has all those habits or qualities naturally in him. I am really keen on going deeper in the process that he has been following that they call
‘Bhakti Yoga’. I read Radhanth Swami saying that in our attempt to get rid of our base qualities/habits and develop divine virtues/habits if we need faster success, we need divine help and that divine help can be invoked by the chanting of the Holynames of God. It seems that by strictly adhering to this process only Radhanath Swami has become so exalted. This is quite interesting….

Radhanath Swami is simple and straightforward in his talks and walks. What he is in is what he is out.
That attracts lotz of people. Honesty is wealth.
Only a fearless person can be honest.
Only selfrealized can be fearless.
That is Radhanath swami in short.

It is a compassion in Radhanath Swami’s heart that help us imrpove our charactor.He is a nice teacher as well as shelter for fallen souls like us.Thank you.

HH Radhanath Swami is so concerned for all those who are trying to love God. Only a God lover like Radhanath Swami can love all others.

This shows the transcendental position of Radhanath Swami. this really shows that the heart of Radhanah Swami is just like krishna’s heart, ‘merciful to all, no partiality.’

Maharaj displays the love for all in this incident. He loves all irrespective of their actions. JAI to such a great person !!!

What a story showing the example of a really great saint Radhanath Swami who by his compassion can forgive even those who have made the most grossest mistakes.

Radhanath Swami must have felt sad more than anybody & his prayers must have brought the devotee back to the temple.

All Glories To H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Maharaj has his own ways of dealing with people. Be it difficult or easy ones. But they will always bring us closer to Krishna.

Hare Krishna

I had heard a saying in the childhood about a true friend “softer than the flower and harder than the thunderbolt”, Radhanath Swami Maharaj here fully exemplifies that saying. All glories to him!!!

compassion of Radhanath Swami Maharaj has taken just another form, for he deals with all in such a way that would be most beneficial to them.

Great souls are soft as rose and as hard as a thunderbolt – depending on what we need :)…however in either case they are just showering their love… heard in a sunday SB class few weeks ago, only Krsna(God) and His representatives can simultaneously punish and reward!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of how Radhanath swami keep his disciples in a right path with his love and affection.

What an inspiring statement “My love, however, is eternal. Even if one commits the most gruesome crime, my love for that person will not terminate, not even change”.

“My love, however, is eternal. Even if one commits the most gruesome crime, my love for that person will not terminate, not even change.” No one would expect this from some ordinary person. Radhanath swami is really extra ordinarily great personality.

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