Radhanath Swami and Cricket – part 2

Once Radhanath Swami and his dear friend, Devamrita Swami were scheduled to give a talk on cricket. Although the world cup season was on, and most Indians were busy watching cricket, the temple courtyard was packed with thousands of youth. The audience was eagerly anticipating an exciting talk by two American monks on a sport that Indians are crazy about.

As both the speakers sat on the chairs, Gauranga Dasa, the master of ceremonies, introduced both of them. Then he picked up a coin from his pocket, and revealed how a game of cricket begins. Each cricket match begins with the two captains of the respective teams walking to the centre of the field and tossing a coin. One of them calls out ‘heads’ or ‘tails’, and on winning the toss, the captain decides how the game would begin. “Similarly”, Gauranga Dasa announced, “amongst the two distinguished speakers this evening, who would speak first shall be decided after tossing the coin”. He then turned to both of them and asked, “What would you prefer, heads or tails?” Spontaneously, without blinking an eyelid, Radhanath Swami replied, “Tails of course, I always like to be a tail. I can’t be the heads”. Sitting close by and hearing this instant response, I was amazed. Radhanath Swami often teaches in his classes on the need to be a servant of all, and on the importance of helping others go ahead in life and achieve success. He always shuns materialistic competitive attitude, and this principle is so deeply internalized by him that even during an insignificant coin tossing, he was conscious of being the ‘tail’ or servant of others.

–Venugopal Acharya

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Steady mind. Always allowing others to go ahead to get something and remaining at the last is very much pleasing Krishna.All glories to HH. Devamrta Swami maharaja and HH. Radhanatha Swami Maharaja.

Very informative lesson to be learnt. Radhanath Swami’s humility is amazing! We have to learn a lot from these great souls!

Thank you Siddeshwar ji for sharing this valuable incident from the life of Radhanath Swami which clearly shows his absolute humility and simplicity inspite of his huge fan following.

Great story and very personal. Very much instructive and motivation to have that intense feeling of humility within one’s heart. Thanks for sharing

This humility of Radhanath Swami is one of his many divine qualities which has attracted so many followers towards him. And yet he continues to be humble in spite of having so many followers.

One can fake somethings for sometime but cannot show it all the time. One who truly lives by the principles, his choices in every walk of life are based on that. Amazing Maharaj for teaching wonderful lesson

hh radhanath swami maharaj always sets the best example by himself, he is what he is, very inspiring…,

Wonderful incident. Radhanath Swami is really a great Acharya who teaches by his own actions small or big.

Radhanath Swami is simply amazing even in his simple dealings he teaches such profound teachings.

Very instructive! We should learn the art of humility from great souls like Radhanath Swami.

great lessons to learn at every moment from the life of a great spiritual leader like radhanath swami

Wonderful. Every incident I hear about Radhanath maharaj enlighten me from the inner core of my heart.

Radhanath swami is pure devotee of the Lord. The quality of humility is naturally there

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