What do you think of this altar?

I sat in the temple hall, facing the altar and chanting on my prayer beads. As streams of the faithful flowed in and out of the temple, Radhanath Swami stood in front of the altar, praying. After a while he walked up to me. “What do you think of the altar?”

“It’s beautiful,” I fumbled.

He walked back and stood in front of the altar. After a minute he again walked up to me. “What else do you think of this altar?”

“It’s….it’s……it’s beautiful.”  I felt sorry about my inadequate description. Surely, he was thirsting for words that matched the joy he felt as he gazed upon his worshipable deities of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath on the altar.

Radhanath Swami walked back to the front of the altar, only to return after a minute or two. This time as he approached me, a twinkle adorned his eyes, and a contagious smile bloomed on his face—as if he had discovered a suitable description himself. He said, “According to me this altar is the most amazing thing in the fourteen planetary systems.”

—Venugopal Acharya           

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A million thanks for sharing this beautiful incident involving Radhanath swami. It has been a great pleasure to read the posts involving Radhanath swami and his students on this website.

this is such a glorious statement by Radhanath Swami. According to me this altar is the most amazing thing in the fourteen planetary systems.

Thank you for sharing this incident about Radhanath Swami which shows his constant absorption in serving Lord Krsna.

Radhanath swami’s heart is full of love for Krishna which makes for his humble, compassionate, graceful, amazing personality!

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