Radhanath Swami from the Back Door

It was a momentous occasion for Daya Rupa when Radhanath Swami asked her what services she rendered at the temple. “I maintain the garden,” she replied.
Visitors are greeted by the sight of a beautiful garden, maintained by Daya Rupa, in the front courtyard of Chicago’s Krishna temple. Special guests, however, miss the sight. They are taken by another alleyway, a less crowded one that opens at the back door of the temple.
Knowing well that Radhanath Swami had missed her garden, Daya Rupa added, “But you didn’t see the garden, for you came from the back door.”
“Yes,” Radhanath Swami said, “because servants come from the back door.”
As I stood on the side, hearing them converse, I was struck by the adamency of Radhanath Swami’s humble disposition. He never likes to be considered special.

–Vinod Gali

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I read the book Journey home by Radhanath Swami… Similar incident is shared in the same. He never likes to be special. Although he is the most special personality.

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