Radhanath Swami’s first visit

Many memories are washed off by time, but some remain vivid—especially those that touch emotions. People of influence spur emotions of awe and reverence, and thus create telling memories in those they meet. Radhanath Swami’s first visit to my home is memorable too, but he spurred emotions of a different kind: ‘soft’ ones, but which stabbed our hearts. He was an unusual ‘big man’ in the way he carried himself: not stately, but humble. He acknowledged any service rendered to him by anyone, whether it be the watchman, the liftman, or the housemaid. This work-crew is ‘invisible’ for most of my visitors, except on rare occasions when workers err at a chore. But never had I seen a visitor acknowledge my crew for their good job.

As I escorted Radhanath Swami in, the watchman at the gate greeted us with folded palms, with the traditional pranam. Radhanath Swami looked to his side with folded palms, as a smile expanded across his face. I witnessed my stoic watchman succumb to a surge of joy. Next was the liftman’s turn, but it looked like he would miss out on the experience: he couldn’t register-in the “thank you” when it came from Radhanath Swami for the first time; he was too distracted. Radhanath Swami repeated again, his complete attention on the liftman. “Thank you.” This time the liftman heard and was pleasantly discomforted: he wasn’t accustomed to so much attention from my visitors.

One by one he conquered hearts, in moments. And those moments remain, unwashed by time, in our memories

Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal

Vice-Chairman & Managing Director,

Mafatlal Industries Limited,

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In our first meet with Radhanath swami, I remember I was standing in a queue with other boys. He was giving us gifts. It was photo frame having the picture of Radha Gopinath and Lalita Vishakha. He said “I am giving you the only thing I have!”

thanks for sharing this nector which is very rare outside iskcon.prabhupada has gave us association oh H.H.R.N.S.M. which help us at every time, place and circumstances.

Yes it is very very true that he does not allow anyone’s contribution to go unseen. He has this unique quality of making people realize the importance and greatness of the service being performed by others, of the sacrifice being done by other colleagues. Many times in his lectures I have heard him telling about the greatness of the service performed by a Krsna conscious mother although to any common man such service may go unnoticed but Radhanath Maharaj makes one grateful and respectful for everyone around whether it be a sweeper or a millionaire, everyone has his important place in the society of Krsna. That is why he has been able to lead such a big spirutual movement in this age when no one is interested in higher values of life. Because he has genuine love, gratitude and respect for everyone.

Maharaaj does always emphasize practicing humbleness, simplicity, truthfulness and helpfulness to everyone in the society. He is the personification of all these transcendental qualities. He is so concerned about saving the mother earth and saving environment. He enforces for the upliftment of farm community and protection of animals from being slaughtered. Again and again, He speaks all these in all His lectures and He has really extended Himself to a great extent for solving these issues.

Truly, Radhanath Swami has this ability of being so down to Earth and extremely sensitive to others feelings. There are so many instances of this. A similar instance is once Maharaj was going on a flight, and the at check-in the security guard, quite rude would not allow Him to carry his staff (danda) in the flight. But Maharaj, who had perfect realization of the Spiritual Importance of the staff, was determined. The main officer, realizing the importance of a well known Spiritual person travelling was extremely apologetic and allowed Maharaj to carry the danda. Still Maharaj, very sweetly encouraged the Guard by saying “You are performing your duty nicely. Keep it up!!!”

Hare Krishna Prabhujees and Mataajees,

Please accept my humble obeisances….

Thank You So Much for sharing Maharaj Qualities, and his value of association by which He uplifts our consciousness..

Thank You very much……………A very insignificant trying servant.

I still remember when i saw first time Maharaj and that is the begining of my spiritual life.

Hare Krishna
Maharaja is a transcendental person. That can be realized only when we serve Him and the Vaishnavas and simply follow His instructions. Then our life will be most succesful

This incident indeed reflects the deeply humble persona of Radhanath Swami. It is very refreshing to know about this genuinely humble saint as otherwise we only get to see politicians acting humble on the eve of elections, begging for votes. But Radhanath Swami only begs us to remember & serve God.

HH Radhanath Swami’s dealing are so direct from the heart, they are so personal, oriented towars touching the hearts of the people. Wow, God has blessed HH Radhanath Swami with his amazing grace.

Time and again we notice this that Radhanath Maharsj is so caring irrespective of who you are

this article shows that Radhanath Swami Maharaj shows how compassionate and caring to everyone

slowly we should try to imbibe similar qualities like those of our gurumaharaj , this will propogate the greatness of krishna and his pure devotees like HH Radhanath maharaj

Reading this story reminds me of the first time I heard a live class from Radhanath Swami. It is difficult to express in words what I felt, it was something like a combination of impressed, eager to know more, developed a deeper faith in the Bhagavad Gita, and there was somethin inexplicable about being attracted to his lustrous and effulgent face.

It needs a conscious person to acknowledge others service. And especially a grateful heart is needed. Radhanath Swami has an extremely grateful heart. Therefore, he can immediately understand any small service rendered. All glories to the transcendental qualities of Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami teaches how to show gratitude to Krishna through anyone who comes in contact with him.

Radhanath Maharaj always expresses his gratitude to anyone who does any service, however small it may appear. This is due to his humility,caring attitudeand grateful heart.

In Marathi, saint written ” Sadhu Sant yeti ghara tochi diwali dasara”.. specialy Radhanath Maharaj our guru came in the house than we have to warmly welcome and celebrate like diwali that joyful day is special for us and memorable its true.

We should learn lesson from this that one should thank every body even it is smallest of the service.

maharaj is very humble,he never discriminates between low or high cast,just byb looking at maharaj we can feel really krishna consciousness is life n u will get real love.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article ‘First visit’ which reflects HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s humility and gratitude.

Radhanath Swami will always be very grateful to all the devotees who helped him built the beautiful congregation at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple……His thanking all the menial servants is a gesture of thanking them for serving his sincere disciples…….great example to learn from Radhanath Swami

HH Radhanath Maharaj is truly an ‘acharya’.That is the standard he sets for his followers, to be humble servant of the servants and to express gratitude for others service.He behaves in a way that is pleasing to his Guru and Krishna.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj here teaching us to be grateful to anyone and everyone irrespective of their social status etc. thanks a lot for sharing this.

Maharaj is so caring and so humble, in fact he is Acharya.

Thank you so much prabhu for sharing wonderful experience.

Shows great character of a person when he not only respects big people but also the small people…

It also shows the similar humble nature of Mr Mafatlal also…else how would he be able to carefully note these details and keep them in his heart!

Radhanath swami treats everyone in the same way in a very humble manner which we need to learn from him.

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