Radhanath Swami and the Medical Logic

Would Radhanath Swami follow his doctor’s advice? In concern, a group clamored impatiently outside the room, as Dr. Dhalal, accompanied by the president of Radhagopinath Ashram, conversed with Radhanath Swami behind closed doors.

After only five minutes, the doctor and the president emerged out and related what had just transpired. When they had entered Radhanath Swami’s room, they found him lying on the bed—semiconscious. Perhaps—they had concluded—the Swami’s adamancy was a rumor. In such weary health, it was impossibility for the Swami to even fantasize following his robust schedule. After exchanging some pleasantries, however, it was clear—that Radhanath Swami indeed planned to travel fifty miles, on bumpy roads, to Meera Road, suburban Mumbai, that evening; and then discourse to thousands, who aspired for a wholesome spiritual lifestyle. Upon repeated appeals to cancel the evening engagement, Radhanath Swami had spoken out his heart, “If I can’t serve humanity, what is the use of me living?”  Still the duo pressed, and Radhanath Swami had finally relented, but with a clause, “If I am unable to walk to the car on my own, I won’t travel.” Given his condition—the two felt—the clause was redundant. He definitely couldn’t walk to his car, and that meant he didn’t travel.

Happily, Dr. Dhalal (who happens to be my husband) and I returned to Meera Road where we stay.

That evening, as we stepped out of Bhaktivedanta Hospital at Meera Road, a green Qualis zoomed by. All of a sudden my husband was thunderstruck. His mouth dropped open and his eyes filled with tears. “Didn’t you see?” he whispered. “It was Radhanath Swami in that car. I saw him hanging forward on his seat belt.” I didn’t believe.

An hour later we were at the pandal erected near Radhagiridhari Temple where Radhanath Swami was scheduled to speak. Now that Radhanath Swami wasn’t coming, who was his replacement, who dared to face the disappointment of the audience? I was in wonder, while my husband was in worry. He was sure Radhanath Swami was behind the stage.

And sure enough, Radhanath Swami walked from behind the stage and spoke a mesmerizing talk for about an hour—as per usual. My husband quietly shared his conclusion with me—that attitudes could indeed help one defy medical logic.

–Vishaka Priya


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What a wonderful personality Radhanth swami is! I cant perceive his deepness of serving the humanity.

This is one of the best websites ever. Reading the posts here is incredibly inspiring.

Swamiji is always concerned about welfare of others, even at the cost of His own well being. This is the sign of a true genuine leader, whose heart is full of compassion and who is willing to extend himself beyond limits. Time and again this is revealed in the life of Radhanath Swami who is eager to help and serve 10000s of conditioned souls. Thanks Swamiji for being truly compassionate and exemplary.

This is Swamiji’s personality..He wants to extend more than possible for a normal humanbeing, just to serve them and his spiritual master.
He is a live example of selfless servants. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing! “If I can’t serve humanity, what is the use of me living?” No wonder why the followers and disciples of Swamiji have great service attitude.

Very Heart-touching.This incidence shows burning desire of HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj to serve humanity by giving them the most precious gift of Krsna-conciousness.

Radhanath Swami shows us by his personal example what it means to be serious about one’ spiritual life.

attitudes could indeed help one defy medical logic….
add to that HH Radhanath swami’s and its just a wonder everytime

Highly inspiring service attitude. Thank you Radhanath Swami for this wonderful gift of Krishna Consciousness. We can only pay you back by sincerely trying to follow your own personal example.

Radhanath Maharaj’s eagerness to serve the Lord empowers him to overcome all other bodily troubles. A great example to follow.

Determination of the Radhanath Swami is evident in this Article..
Thanks a lot for this beautiful Article

All Glories To H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

How Maharaj manages will always keep everybody wonder struck.

Hare Krishna.

Radhanath Swami oozes compassion. His love for the well-being of the general mass transcends all bodily hindrances. This is real social-service !

selfless – for me has only a dictionary meaning. However for the likes of Radhanath Swami its just their life air…

When you are determined to serve the People as a service to Lord, only the Logic if the Supreme Lord, transcendental logic works as was the case here with HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

Certainly, attitudes towards devotional service defy the medical logic. Certainly, devotional service be rendered only by the mercy of Guru and Krishna. All glories to Radhanatha Swami.

Thanks for sharing this valuable incident

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Thank you for sharing this article. This shows Radhanath swami compassion towards humanity and his determination in serving the humanity.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj takes all pains to keep devotees & masses in general inspired in devotion to the Supreme Lord. May I aspire to sincerely develop atleast a desire to serve the devotees. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring article. Needless to say, a true spiritualist is much better hard worker than the best of materialistic people because his hard work stems from genuine concern for the lost children of God.

Maharaj has so much compassion, that he easily forgets his pains to distrubte love of Godhead to one and all

Radhanath Swamiji compassion and determination towards huminity is aspiring and amazing.

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