Radhanath Swami’s Service Consciousness

I’ll speak something on Radhanath Swami’s ‘service consciousness’—that’s striking and charming.

In 1994, when I started to lean towards spirituality, coincidentally Radhanath Swami started to frequent London. I remember. During this visit, someone had put up a notice at the Soho Street Temple asking for a volunteer to drive Radhanath Swami to different places. My heart already impacted by just two discourses I’d recently heard from this ‘new and lovely’ Swami, I happily volunteered. On the last day of his visit, as Radhanath Swami drove in my car to the Heathrow Airport, I felt an impulse to share my deepest feelings. From behind the wheels I said, “I feel you are my spiritual guru.” Before my eyes blinked came the reply, “I feel I am your servant.”

In 1999 I formally accepted Radhanath Swami my spiritual guru. With passing years, my spiritual life grew stronger—especially as my family life grew miserable. Sometime in 2001 during a chat I disclosed to Radhanath Swami how I flinched even as I remembered the cutting criticisms of my mother-in law. To my surprise, his body shook in laughter and he said, “She did a great service.”

–Gavin Alexander

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194 replies on “Radhanath Swami’s Service Consciousness”

HHRNSM is simply ecstatic in whatever he does and is always in the mood of selfless service, Maharaj ki Jai, haribol, rajesh karia

very nice experience, thank you for sharing this nectar with all of us, haribol, bhakti

Radhanath Swami never fails to inspire people from different walks of life to take up devotional life seriously. He possesses a very unique spiritual charisma to attract people’s heart & mind to spirituality.

Radhanath Maharaj always sees things with spiritual vision. He is a pure devotee.

The world needs spiritual leaders like Radhanath Swami who see everything from spiritual consciousness

Maharaj has shown by example how to see Krishna’s hand in everything be it good or bad. Thanks for sharing your experience.

A very honest revelation, which shows Radhanath Swami’s complete humility as well as his deep understanding of the Lord’s unfathomable but merciful ways.

Sometimes Radhanath Swami’s statements can be very humorous & at the same time deep in messages.

This is the vision of all great souls – To see everyone as their worshippable masters and themselves as the servant.

This simply shows another example of a pure Devotee to see everything in relationship with Krishna

Thanks for sharing this, Radhanath swami maharaj is a true devotee of lord who always sees himself as servant of others to bring them closer to God.

Amazing….How Radhanath Swami touches the core of one’s heart….really inspiring

Radhanath Swami can give us the pith of everything in such a light way that we can not understand in most of the cases, and only by his mercy we can do so.

H.H. Radhanath Swami was once describing how the first step of self-realization is that we realize that everything that happened with us in our lives is the perfect arrangement of Almighty Supreme God.

HH Radhanath Swami sounds joyful but there I can understand the meaning of his words. Unless and until we were put into difficult conditions, we won’t turn towards God.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj sees service in every act, whether it is giving initiation or a mother-in-law’s criticism!

I learn from this episode that bringing someone closer to God consciousness is the greatest service.

Thanks for sharing. Radhanath Swami is expert in seeing the good in everyone & everything.

Maharaj sees each experience in the eyes of scriptures! We need to understand how each experience bring us closer to Krishna by Maharaj

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