Radhanath Swami and the Knock out Scene

Radhanath Swami was on a stroll down the corridor of the monastery. At the entrance of a room that faced the corridor sat Krishnadas at his study desk. The desk held an open scripture with  Krishnadas’s face resting on it. He resembled a boxer on the rings, after a knock out. Perhaps a difficult passage from the scripture had pulled him down. Radhanath Swami rambled on, as though he had missed that scene. But the others around could vouch that he hadn’t.

As providence would have it, this reoccurred the next day, and even the day after. Krishnadas was crestfallen. Due to emergency services he had insufficient rest for the past few nights. Yet, he sincerely tried to remain awake and study during the day.  Coincidentally, however, just when Radhanath Swami was around, he fell asleep. How bad Radhanath Swami might have felt seeing his student asleep at his study desk!

Krishnadas approached Radhanath Swami with his tale of woe. Attempting to clarify the situation, he related an incident from his workplace;  this had happened before he joined the monastery for a full-fledged training in bhakti yoga. “One day at office, when my boss came by for a stroll in the morning, I was reading the newspaper. When he came by in the afternoon and evening, again he saw me doing the same. He turned crimson and got on my case. But I had been working sincerely. And it was sheer coincidence that just when I held the newspaper for a break, he came by for a stroll.”

Radhanath Swami smiled warmly when he heard the story. Then he said, “But the difference here is, I am not your boss. I am your servant, trying to serve you in the capacity of a guru, a spiritual master.”

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All GLories To H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Hari Hari. Nice experience. THere’s a huge difference between a boss and a Guru. Rather we cannot compare anything futile with our Guru.

Hare Krishna

Such a wonderful example! Radhanath Swami by his every action shows his students what is the ideal behaviour expected from each us while trying to follow a spiritual life

i can’t help but smile…sounds like a very familiar situation. Radhanath Swami Maharaja is very thoughtful and considerate though, as always.

Now that must have been a real knockout punch! When your spiritual master tells you that he is your servant, surely words will fail you and you will fall to his feet with a heart full of love and gratitude and worship.

Without speaking, in a very humble way, without offending the student Radhanath Swami has taught a lesson to his student,”Be alert on your job.” Wonderful.

Radhanath Swami knows how to touch the heart of the everyone in all circumstances. All glories to him!

Good one. Thakns for sharing. With this gesture of love Radhanath Swami must have won the heart of the student forever and the student.

Thanks for sharing this nice post about Radhanath swami. Humility is the quality of great souls like Radhanath swami teaching us all to follow in their foot steps.

Radhanath Swami is so natually humible. Such instances repeat wtih him and several others and it doesnt make one feel that he is posing humility to teach us or set an example. Its is really very genuine and totally inert with him.

Maharajah humility is amazing, which wins the heart of everyone.”But the difference here is, I am not your boss. I am your servant, trying to serve you in the capacity of a guru, a spiritual master.”
Jai Maharajah

Radhanath Swami has immense humility…..Inspite of being a Guru / spiritual preceptor, he feels himself a servant of his disciples…..his example is perfect to follow on the path of bhakti

Such an amazing attitude of Radhanath Swami. He is in position where he has to instruct and everyone gives him respect but it is truly amazing to see that he is doing it all as service. Simply great !!

Radhanath Maharaj is very simple and humble. Thank you very much for sharing the same.

When a Boss makes you work it is to ensure that he extracts the most for the salary the organization is paying, infact rarely is he concerned about the stress it may be causing you. When a Guru like Radhanath Swami who is such a compassionate person, instructs you it is to ensure the most for your own spiritual development, he extracts all your untapped qualities and keeps you engaged, and infact always he is concerned about the advancement it will cause in your spiritual progress.

The difference between the material boss and a spiritual guru is that a boss is always looking 4 an opportunity to reprimand his subordinate but a guru tries to help his disciple even while scolding a disciple

“But the difference here is, I am not your boss. I am your servant, trying to serve you in the capacity of a guru, a spiritual master.”

This statement from Radhanath Swami truely shows traits of a great leader and would generate tremendous respect in the hearts of his students.

Very nice experience. The words of HH Radhanath swami maharaj shows the love, care he takes of his students.

Thanks a lot Prabhuji for sharing this sweet experience with Radhanath Swami Maharaj. As always Maharaj is full of humility and compassion.

If purpose is not served, then everything is mere waste. Radhanarh Swami always accepts his responsibility. Then automatically the purpose is served. All glories to Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami Maharaj is always in the mood of service. He always tries to serve others in whatever capacity it needed, either as friend or as a guide or as a Guru.

Maharaj is wonderful in developing relationship and always teaching that by considering ourselves as humble servant we can develop a deep relation among us.

Radhanath Swami is a loving Guru who sees through this students and not just their external behaviour because he resides in the heart of his students.

Radhanath Swami is always in the mood of service and thereby asking us also to emulate the same.

Radhanath Swami is so humble that he thinks himself as a servant of his disciples .Moreover the boss may not be knowing ht eheart fohis emloyee but a spiritual master does ..

One of the very sweet exchange I ever read. Thank you very much for sharing this. Swami ji’s response was amazing

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