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The first qualification to actually proceed in the path of becoming a spiritualist is simplicity.

One aspect of simplicity is the willingness to just accept what God provides and not hanker for anything more. This kind of simplicity was the glory of ancient India. In a place called Navdvipa,  there ruled a king called Raj Krishna Chandra. He had much wealth, and he was very charitable to the Brahmins, the intellectual class of Vedic social system. There was one Brahmin who was lived in abject poverty by material standard. Raj Krishna Chandra went to him and said, “I want to help you. How can I help you?” The Brahmin very honestly mulled over it and said, “Actually, I don’t need any help. I have a few students who every now and then give me some rice and my wife cooks that rice in one little pot we have.” Pointing to a tree outside, he continued, “Do you see that tamarind tree? I collect some leaves from it and put it in my rice to flavor it. I don’t need anything else, I don’t want anything else.”  When people find inner satisfaction they really don’t need to complicate their lives with so many of unnecessary necessities of this material world. Yet, at the same time, a Bhakti Yogi is willing to accept anything for the service of the Lord. Srila Prabhupad said who is a true Bhakti Yogi. If that person is living in a palace, and to better serve God if it is required to live under a tree, there is no hesitation on his/her part to make that adjustment. And if the person is living under a tree, and to better serve God if it is required to live in a palace, there is no hesitation on his/her part to make that adjustment.

Another aspect of simplicity is to simply and innocently accept what comes from God and the scriptures. We cannot understand God unless we have innocent faith. Big knowledge gives no access to God. Knowledge is helpful in teaching and for discriminating good and bad, but ultimately unless it is based on the essential principles of faith and devotion; it has no bearing in our spiritual advancement whatsoever. We should have faith, “God loves me and He will protect me.” This is the essence of spirituality. It does not matter how many scriptures we memorize, does not matter how many austerities we perform, does not matter how many mantras we are saying, we have to become simple and faithful to realize God. What is the purport of Bhagavad Gita? Arjuna was told 700 versus of the Bhagavad-Gita. But what was the conclusion? He became like child, “Krishna I accept whatever You say. I will do whatever You want.” The culmination of all the philosophies was that Arjuna became simple, innocent like a child. That is the aim of life. There is no question of material qualification or disqualification. If we are sincere, Krishna grants us this faith and our life becomes uncomplicated. Simple innocent faith is the Grace of God and the essence of all scriptures.

By Radhanath Swami

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So Simply explained. Yet at times it becomes difficult to be Simple. I think by reading and hearing from renounced and realized monks like Radhanath Swami can help us.

One who understands the concept truly, can make even complicated matters so simple. Swamiji, you have truly understood spirituality.

The profoundest of the truths are also the simplest ones.
Thank you Swamiji for sharing your insights with all of us.

Only by hearing from the pure devotees like maharaj,one can gain both faith and simplicity!

I have not seen any sadhu like this who is so Simple. High thinking & simple living.

simplicity can simply attract Gods grace and that is evident in this beautiful explaination by radhanath swami.

Radhanath Swami has beautifully simplified the real meaning of Simple living: High Thinking.

Radhanath Swami himself exudes simplicity and hence he is such a strong proponenet of it. But today everyone and everything is so complicated. – be it our lifestyles, education, our needs etc.

Superb message about simplicity. Reading this message from Radhanath Swami Maharaj will hopefully plant a seed of simplicity in our hearts.

In modern lives, people make their lives so complicated that it becomes very difficult for them to understand that simplicity can give lot of inner satisfaction in life. We should really strive to be simple in our lives.
Thank you Radhanath Maharaj

The first Qualification is Simlicity .In the Exam of life how can we pass the final Exam if we do not have the First Qualification . Thankyou.
Also Inocent Faith is nicely explained.
Real Bhakti Yogi is well understtod.

In the messy appearing world of today, we find Simplicity to be more complex that complexity because we do not “simply” desire to be simple. HH Radhanath Swami’s words backed by action forces us to reconcile our decision “Is it really that hard to be simple”.

One who is truly spiritually evolved is simple.We can understand this from the life of Maharaj.

Radhanath Swami is giving so much clarity in terms of what we actually need to live happily its not too much oppulence but Krishna consciousness. Unfortunately the tendency is to go after position fame more money big house and these things are so detrimental to spiritual life….

Radhanath Swami is so simple. Even though He is a spiritual master with thousands of followers, He is still so simple and sweet. I was listening to one of his leactures, where in a person asked, although Rahdanath Swami is so simple, how HE got so much limelite recently? For that, maharaj gave a very simple answer. “I am always in the back, but people at front have moved away. So, it looks like I am at front, even though I am at the back.” He never agrees that He is a great personality or an intelligent person or anybody. He only shows Him being the servant of the servant of the Lord. Jai Radhanath Swami ki Jai!!

wonderful blog by Radhanath swami. Radhanath swami makes things simple for even ordinary people to understand.

Innocent faith.really it can only be awarded by god.
What we have is fragile faith, one bad situation and it is broken. Thank you maharaj.

Radhanath Swami beautifully explains the meaning of true simplicity with practical connotations. Thank you Maharaj.

RADHANATH MAHARAJ teaches 1. to find inner satisfaction rather than external luxury, 2. willingness to surrender to God’s will i.e. to serve God as He wants us to serve HIm not as we want to serve HIm, 3. to develop childlike faith in God is the goal of life. Thanks for the wonderful tachings MAHARAJ.

Very inspiring – “there is no qualification or disqualification, if one is sincere, Krishna grants him faith”. All glories to HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj

this simplicity of life is acquired when the propensities are dovetailed to serve God not to gratify senses. Because we are selfish we make small small things around us complicated and thus loose peace of mind and thus chance of realizing God.

What a fantastic post.ABCD of simplicity.Good lesson for me.Thank yuu RAdhanath Swami for your guidence to withoust considering our disqualifiacations.

“God loves me and He will protect me.” This is the essence of spirituality. Such a simple yet so profound truth, Thank you Radhanath Swami!

We have to simply be sincere,Lord Krishna grants us this faith and our life become uncomplicated.Thank you Maharaj for explaing in a simple way.


“God loves me and He will protect me.” can anything be more simple than this.SIMPLY WONDERFUL

We need to feel gratitude towards great saints like HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj who are always guiding we fallen people in the right direction. He himself is such a simple person and readily accessible to anyone that he is able to speak with such clarity!
Saints like HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj have taken this responsiblity of carrying forward the mission of Lord Caitanya! Thank you for everything maharaj!

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