Radhanath Swami—Is Spirituality Practical?

Katraj Kondwa Road runs through the silent outskirts of Pune, a city in western India. Since a few months, however, the sounds of stone-cutting chisels emerge from a five acre plot adjoining this road; the construction is on—round the clock. What’s up?

Four structures stand in the blue print: a temple for Radha-Krishna, a temple for Balaji, a monastery and a house for serving out free food to the masses. The estimated cost of construction is 300 million. The fund-raising committee is under stress—and so am I, being its head.

Recently, Radhanath Swami visited the site. “Why do you intend to construct the main structure that will house Radha and Krishna only in the end?” Radhanath Swami’s quizzical expression accentuated his inquiry.

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