Radhanath Swami with the YPO

From 30 January 2008 to 02 February 2008, a group of members from the YPO, Young Presidents’ Organization, were in Mumbai for a seminar series hosted by industrialists Ajay Piramal and Swati Piramal. YPO is a body of young Presidents, CEOs and Managing Directors of big corporations from across the world. The Piramals had them visit Radhagopinath temple in groups of 20. In all, 60 members visited the temple in a span of two days.

One member, a lady executive from South America was especially overwhelmed. Firstly, upon the group’s arrival, Radhanath Swami addressed them, and that was impressive. Then, when the group proceeded to the temple hall, the mood there was one of celebration. The altar doors had just opened to reveal the gorgeously dressed forms of Radha and Krishna. From inside the altar, incense smoke wafted out into the cavernous temple hall where hundreds happily danced and chanted to live music played with drums and cymbals. But what was the celebration about? This celebration was called kirtan—they were informed—and this formed a part of the practices of bhakti yoga; and amazingly, this was an everyday affair! Gazing at the kirtan, some executives smiled gleefully, while some swayed in tune to the music. But this lady from South America was especially touched by the ambience. She visibly waged a battle to restrain her feeling, as her eyes brimmed with tears of joy. Breaking herself off from the group she moved about the temple hall snapping away photos of the kirtan from all possible angles.

At the end of the visit, Radhanath Swami, Ajay Piramal and a few others stood at the gate to bid the group farewell. The South American executive, wanting to express her joy, innocently stepped ahead to embrace Radhanath Swami. Quickly, Radhanath Swami hopped back and folded his palms in greeting, but smiled generously to avoid the lady any embarrassment. The executive perhaps understood that a Swami in Indian culture wouldn’t embrace a woman. She retreated, but it looked like she also sensed Radhanath Swami’s concern for avoiding her embarrassment; so she covered any mortification with a broad smile and folded her palms.

After the group left, Ajay Piramal told Radhanath Swami, “That executive from South America was really impressed. She was telling me that her life had changed.” Radhanath Swami quipped, “She was about to change my life too.”His body rocked with laughter.

I realized  it required a lot of mature sensitivity to share the precious gifts of Vedic spirituality with people who have little or no idea of Vedic culture, even though they might be very pure  in heart.

Mr. Prakash Nanjudiah

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Maharaj has a way of getting along well with people and because of his immense knowledge and purity is deeply sensitive to other’s feelings.Very often an innocent person’s purity and motivations are misinterpreted.Maharaj handled the situation beautifully.Highly inspiring.Thanks for sharing.

It just dawned upon me just how tough it is for Radhanath Swami to be so kind and generous and at the same time be able to uphold the highest standards of purity. Generally, high personal purity standards cause hard heartedness – but not with Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami has inbuilt quality to sow the seed of devotion even in new person without hearting their feelings. Thank you very much for sharing the same with us.

I feel it takes a genuine desire to help others for a person to transplant Vedic knowledge in an alien culture.

By this short visit to the temple & associating with pure souls, definitely the seed of bhakti is implanted in thier hearts that will fructify one day or the other……

Its amazing , how swamiji ,tackles awkward situations without hurting the person he he encounters.

Radhanath Swami is expert in inspiring the non-devotees from various backgrounds & cultures to take up Krishna Consciousness with an open heart.

High standards of purity generally makes a person hard hearten or insensitive to others feeling. But here we see that Radhanath Swami is striking a perfect balance of purity standard and being sensitive to others feeling.

That is the culture & community Radhanath Swami has established that it melts the heart of people who get to witness it.

Radhanath Swami knows exactly how to balance emotions and discipline. thank you so much for giving us an ideal example to follow.

Radhanath Swami can make anyone feel comfortable despite the fact that they may not be aware of Vedic customs. And Radhanath Swami can really have a quick and wonderful sense of humor. Please accept my greetings to him with folded palms

The dynamicity of spiritual life lies in the fact that you must be able to make other person comfortable without breaking the norms of existing social customs. This requires lot of sensitivity to cater the needs of other persons mind. Radhanath Swami has aptly demonstrated this quality in this incident.

Radhanath swami can sow the seed of Bhakti merely by his presence.So the seed of bhakti was sown in the ladys heart too. Thanks to Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami’s knows perfectly the art of pleasing everyone in a way that everyone can understand. Thank you for sharing this.

To preach, anyhow, somehow to one and all- Radhanath Swami has taken this principle to his heart.

We are indebted to Radhanath Swami for reviving, upholding and spreading our lost vedic Culture, not only among Indians but all over the world.

RadhaGopinath Temple has such a loving environment, it is difficult for anyone not to be attracted by it.

Radhanath Swami has created a community rich in spiritual values.Citizens of the modern world when they come and see this wonderful lifestyle that devotees are leading will deifnitely feel very much inspired to follow this wonderful model cretaed by Radhanath Swami

It really is a challenge to preach to people who have no idea of Vedic customs and etiquette. Radhanath Swami has successfully done this so gracefully for such a long time.

Life goes on and we are so caught up in the struggle, it is by rare incidents or compassion shown by great souls that one comes to a point from where life becomes very meaningful and is utilized in a way the Lord wanted it to be, that’s in a nutshell about an interaction with Radhanath Swami

Maharaj is the true representative of Vedic Culture.. Also he is very humorous.. JAI.. thanks for sharing..

Thannk you very much for this wonderful article. Many people who comes to RadhaGopinath Temple will surely experience the ecstatic ambience of Temple

excellent sense of humor by swami ji but most imp. is how he is transforming people’s life in one visit, such things are possible only through pure devotion.

During Sunday feast programme and daily Guru arati the temple atmosphere is so much surcharged that anybody who comes under its influence is bound to get spiritually affected.

Radhanath Swami is very particular in following his vows and at same time ensures that a particular person’s feelings are not hurt.

Radhanath Swami has created this wonderful forum of devotees whcih simply transforms life of anyone who comes in touch.

Radhanath Swami with his tremendous sense of maturity and presence of mind handles difficult situation very skillfully.

This incident shows Radhanath Swami’s compassion,maturity and sense of humor all happening simultaneously.

wonderful article, what a beautiful teaching about true spiritual practice, haribol, bhakti

Radhanath Swami has been preaching to hunreds of people who come from totally different cultural backgrounds. He really has the maturity to handle all the varied cultures. We dont.

Radhanath Swami has the perfect blend of maturity and spiritual realisation to preach to people from different walks of life.

Radhanath Swami knows how to deal with each and every person appropriately, without affecting their ego or enthusiasm.

Wow. Her inherent love for Krishna was awakened. Hari Bol!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.

Maharaj and RadhaGopinath temple are so potent that even a non believer becomes a devotee eventually….Hari Bol!

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