Driving Radhanath Swami at Midnight

The car cruised along in the darkness of the night, its engine’s hum rising above the silence around. As I carefully steered the wheels around a pothole, a hand tapped me from behind.

“Could I use a restroom?” asked Radhanath Swami from the rear seat, clearing his throat.He was very sick and had been napping for a while. Restroom? It was India, and the only option I could think of, at this hour, was a deserted street corner. With many apologies, I presented to him the predicament. He consoled me with a smile.

I pulled over the vehicle in a familiar neighborhood, where only the stars saw through the cloudless sky. “What is this place?” Radhanath Swami mumbled. “We are in the neighborhood of Radha Swami’s Ashram,” I replied. Surely, he didn’t know Radha Swami, but the air of spirituality that the name carried was sufficient to draw out his respect. He requested that we continue driving till we found another spot. I was wonder-struck: here he was–sick and tired–and to nap again he had to relieve himself as soon as possible; in such an emergency, would the act be considered defiling a holy neighborhood? And after all, in India it wasn’t considered taboo. But for Radhanath Swami’s respectful attitude, emergencies were no excuse.

Fortunately, after a while we found a petrol pump, and its owner gladly allowed Radhanath Swami to use his toilet.

I often held a condescending attitude towards most other spiritual groups, but this incident was a turning point.


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99 replies on “Driving Radhanath Swami at Midnight”

thank you very much for sharing . By this incident Radhanath Swami helping us to understand the gravity when we take to spiritual path and the responsibility it brings.

All GLories To H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Spirituality nurtures Respect, and this is a perfect example of it. Respect does not mean only to living people but the intangibles as well.

Hare Krishna

Radhanath Swami respects every individual and his culture unfortunately people like me have tendency to focus on shortcomings of others but Radhanath Swami loves to fan the little bit good one does

Maharajah teaches by his example. He had deep respect for all spiritual path and this is possible for only a person who knows true spirituality.

Radhanath Swami truly leaves on Tranad Api Suniche ne principle. He is a true spiritual leader who has changed the life of thousands by setting his personal example..
Truly Humble personified

That’s the difference between an ordinary person and a great soul like Radhanath Swami. Radhanath Swami gives respects to every living entity what to speak of any thing connected to spirituality.

Radhanath Swami is so conscious of other people’s needs and the environment around him that he is ready to undergo suffering personally but not harm or disturb them. Radhanath Swami ki Jai!

Radhanatha Swami senstivity and sheer respect for every body soul including people he does not is really aweinspring and amazing. This world needs more and more people like him to make this world a better place

Awesome experience with Radhanath Swami…wonderful to witness the respect he shows ..thanks for sharing

It takes a lot of effort and sincerity to act according to the principles when no one except the stars in the sky are watching..

H.H Radhanath Swami has proved again and again what is tells is only after implementation in his own life, that is is why he is the true leader of Devotional Ship in this material ocean. Thanks Maharaj to be here.

All glories to Radhanath Maharaja for teaching us this wonderful lesson of humility, broadmindedness and divine consciousness!

Radhanath Swami’s every action is a lesson to learn because of his pure consciousness.

HHRM’s every act is a lesson to learn which is always in the form of pure spiritual consciousness, haribol, rajesh karia

Real genuine respect from the heart of a great saint. Inconceivable for me whose understanding for respect is only external.

True Krishna Concious person is always concious of every thing. A vaishnava never cares for himself. but he cares for others . RNS MAharaj ki jai .

Radhanath Maharaj ki Jai. He is a true teacher who always follow his instruction…and his every action is an instruction for us

Radhanath Swami never has the tendency to criticize other spiritual groups or even think of them in any low manner within his heart. This is evident in his book “The Journey Home” as well.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj even though not at all sure about of the sanctity/ authenticity of the spiritual group shows so much respect.
That’s a glorious qualities, in spite of his bad health, he did not compromise on the principle.

Thank you very much for sharing, Radhanath Swami respects every individual ,He is a true teacher.

HHRNSM is very particular about the feelings and importance of every individual and instances, haribol, rajesh karia

‘ Love and respect all’ This is Maharaj’s motto and he personally teaches by his own example.

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