Radhanath Swami and the Knock out Scene

Radhanath Swami was on a stroll down the corridor of the monastery. At the entrance of a room that faced the corridor sat Krishnadas at his study desk. The desk held an open scripture with  Krishnadas’s face resting on it. He resembled a boxer on the rings, after a knock out. Perhaps a difficult passage from the scripture had pulled him down. Radhanath Swami rambled on, as though he had missed that scene. But the others around could vouch that he hadn’t.

As providence would have it, this reoccurred the next day, and even the day after. Krishnadas was crestfallen. Due to emergency services he had insufficient rest for the past few nights. Yet, he sincerely tried to remain awake and study during the day.  Coincidentally, however, just when Radhanath Swami was around, he fell asleep. How bad Radhanath Swami might have felt seeing his student asleep at his study desk!

Krishnadas approached Radhanath Swami with his tale of woe. Attempting to clarify the situation, he related an incident from his workplace;  this had happened before he joined the monastery for a full-fledged training in bhakti yoga. “One day at office, when my boss came by for a stroll in the morning, I was reading the newspaper. When he came by in the afternoon and evening, again he saw me doing the same. He turned crimson and got on my case. But I had been working sincerely. And it was sheer coincidence that just when I held the newspaper for a break, he came by for a stroll.”

Radhanath Swami smiled warmly when he heard the story. Then he said, “But the difference here is, I am not your boss. I am your servant, trying to serve you in the capacity of a guru, a spiritual master.”

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a true spiritual master, just always out of the way to serve his devotees, HHRM ki jai. rajesh karia

Radhanath Swami has mastered the art of getting the best out of any person, any situation.
Just like our eternal father, GOD, his love is uninterrupted and unmotivated.
It is great that all of us are able to know of such intimate interactions of Radhanath Swami because of this website. I would like to thank all those involved with this noble effort.

H H Radhanath Swami is more than a spritual master he is a freind and real well wisher for all of us .

Its amazing how Radhanath Swami takes such a humble position. This response of Radhnath swami is a real eye opener for all of us and we should always remember that we are servant of servant of servant in whatever position we are in.

Really speaking, only a true lover of God can take such a genuinely humble position as HH Radhanath Swami.

Wow, this is amazing..see how Maharaj is compassionate..Maharaj is very much downtowards..a perfect guru..a perfect spiritual master

Radhanath Swami makes everyone feel at ease by appreciating everyone’s practical difficulties as well as overlooking the faults & shortcomings just so that we do not get demotivated in our devotional efforts.

Radhanath Swami’s mood of humility is amazing. He never moves away from the position of serving…

Radhanath Swami is very humble person. How lovingly Radhanath Swami corrected Krishnadas

HH Radhanath Swami is genuine leader because very few have a courage to accept themselves as a servant of a disciple!

Such genuine humility can only be found in an acharya. And so much love is present in that statement of Radhanath Swami!

“Servant in the capacity of a Guru”. Simply amazing. Maharaj is so humble.

Radhanath Swami’s love for all shines out in every situation and he changes even an embarassing episode with wit.

Radhanath Swami leads by example. He shows us that any position in a spiritual organization is only for the purpose of serving in that capacity, and not to act as boss.

“But the difference here is, I am not your boss. I am your servant, trying to serve you in the capacity of a guru, a spiritual master.” This quality of Radhanath Swami is very difficult to put into practice. There are hundreds of millions of followers of Radhanath Swami, but still He is so humble.

Association with pure devotees such as Radhanath Swami can deliver the much needed knock-out punch to our shortcomings on the devotional path and save us from maya’s influence

Here is the difference between a materialist and a spiritualist. Spiritually elevated souls like Radhanath Swami, unlike materialists, do not engage in petty fault finding. Rather, they genuinely try to help the person in realizing his true potential and bring him closer to God.

This is a beautiful example of servant leadership. This has been a new concept in modern world in leadership and management. But Radhanath Swami can so naturally is like that because of his saintly nature. It’s not a tom dick and harry’s game to be like that. Very few can actually excercise this principle. Radhanath Swami is one of them.

Radhanath Swami has shown us whatever position we may be in this world – ultimately the position of servant should be our mood.

Very nicely Radhanath Swami has pointed out difference between boss and spiritual master.

Radhanath Swami never thinks he is great he always considers himself as a humble servant that mood wins the heart of even the most hard hearted person so much to learn from Radhanath Swami

This story brings tears to my eyes. It is such a transcendental exchange. This clearly shows how Radhanath Maharaj is really in the mood of servant of the servant with no sense of proprietorship over anything. He truly feels that everything belongs to Krishna and he is just hte humble servant.

Radhanath Swami is so loving and sensitive to everyone’s feelings. At the same time he is so humble, always thinking himself to be everyone’s servant.

Radhanath Swami is always loving, compassionate, kind hearted to all the devotees. Maharaj says, we are dasa dasa anu dasa, it is really his humility we can see here

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