Radhanath Swami—disciple or Guru?

Radhanath Swami—disciple or Guru?

Radhanath Swami—disciple or Guru?

The crisp morning air wished us a pleasant day, with the fragrance of fresh blossoms it carried. The window was open and overlooked a garden, beckoning us to sample the beauty of the town we were visiting—Hrishikesh.

Inside the room sat Govinda Prabhu and Gaur Gopal Prabhu at the computer, while I went about my daily chores. They were preparing a list of devotees who were to be initiated by Radhanath Swami during his forthcoming visit to Poona. While anyone and everyone can joyously try out Bhakti Yoga, those who are serious about the path, the scriptures recommend, should accept a Guru. In the Gaudiya Vaishnav Tradition, the Guru accepts a disciple in a ceremony called diksha, or initiation, during which the disciple is handed prayer beads. Those beads, the disciple always carries in a cloth pouch called the bead bag; this bag’s unique design allows one to finger the beads without having to take them out of the bag. Interesting?!!

As I looked for my bead bag to say my prayers, Radhanath Swami walked in. While on his way to the Ganges to say his prayers, called the mantra meditation, he had dropped by to see us. Radhanath Swami’s expression turned quizzical. Gaur Gopal Prabhu, as if in response, said, “We are working on the initiation.” Holding up his bead bag, Radhanath Swami shook it. The beads inside clattered. “And I am working on mine,” Radhanath Swami announced, “first trying to be a good disciple myself.”

He walked out carrying a smile that unveiled the gratitude he felt for his Guru. Though he had thousands of disciples round the globe, and thousands more queued to accept him as Guru, his humility wouldn’t allow him to consider himself a worthy disciple of his own Guru.

–Vikram Arora

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  1. March 7, 2013 at 6:17 am
    chetan warade

    Radhanath swami showing perfect example of disciple. how everyone should prepare for accepting Guru.Thank you for shearing.

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