Something Sweet for the Burning Wound

This happened years ago, when my daughter Vidhi was small. We were on our pilgrimage to Vrindavan with Radhanath Swami and thousands of devotees from Mumbai.

One day, as we circumambulated the Radha-Damodar temple in the seva-kunj area of Vrindavan, my daughter spotted a monkey who sat at the rear of the temple munching on his lunch; he looked cute and harmless until, Vidhi caressed his back. Suddenly, the monkey sprang on her. He dug his pointed teeth into her hands, ripped off a mouthful of flesh, and darted away—leaving behind a bloody trail. I rushed Vidhi to a doctor. After a stitch and a bandage, we decided to fly back to Mumbai the next day, for Vidhi needed to recuperate.

“If this is what happens on coming to a holy place, I will never come back again,” Vidhi said to me that evening, as she grimaced. Her tender faith was throttled. I fell short of words for a reply.

Next morning, before we left for Vrindavan, we encountered Radhanath Swami on the roadside. He already knew what had transpired. He looked towards Vidhi, who was visibly distraught. “Do you know why it happened? Because you are very sweet and your heart is as soft as butter. Even the monkeys cannot resist eating you.” A smile blossomed on Vidhi’s face, and she looked down shyly to hide it.

It was several weeks before that crevice in Vidhi’s hand filled-up, but it left behind a scar. I thought of going for a cosmetic surgery. Radhanath Swami, though, had a different opinion. He told Vidhi, “Don’t do it. This scar represents the mercy of the holy place which you can carry for the rest of your life.” Vidhi happily agreed and still is ornamented with those scars.

Yes, anything we undergo in a holy place, though apparently inauspicious, is the special grace of the Lord. This the scriptures say, and the holy men ascertain to be true. But Radhanath Swami had revealed it to Vidhi only when the time was ripe. In Vrindavan, when her hands burned in pain, that truth would have acted like salt and pepper on her sore. She needed something ‘sweet’, and Radhanath Swami had administered just that.

An expert guru is not just one who knows the truth, but one who knows how to administer it according to time place and circumstances.

– Mrs Kamal Arora

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a must read experience and so pious as explained by HHRM, in fact we are shortly planning a visit for the first time to VRINDAVAN shortly with our daughters, look forward to see the wonderful heaven abode, haribol, rajesh karia

We all like to travel, and one may go to holy places with different motives or ideas. Radhanath Swami gives us understanding that being at the holy dham is not just a family excursion but it is time to introspect and be enthusiastic to hear about the glories of the lord through his unlimited pastimes.

Thank You for sharing this nectarean expereince.Really sweet.All Glories to His holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj takes care of his disciples & followers very nicely. He applies the perfect spiritual balm through his expert choice of words which dispels the spiritual anxieties beyond the superficial material wounds.

Radhanath Swami time and again demonstrates his expertise in handling sensitive situations without hurting the sentiments and without shaking the faith in spirituality of the person(s) involved.

Thank you very much prabhu for sharing this sweet incident which shows the greatness of Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Maharaj knows the importance of Dham’s and its habitants, his dealing with small girl was merciful step to nourish her spiritual life and remove out all negativeity what she sotred in her heart.

I would firstly like to take darshan of Vidhi. Radhanath Swami can turin around a situation with his love and expert spiritual vision – this is a perfect example.

Right place, right words, right understanding, right everything!! Radhanath Swami gets it Right all the time!

Really a marvellous example of how an expert guru knows how to present the truth as per time,place and circumstance. All glories to Radhananth Swami Maharaj!!

A good surgeon knows the importance of making the right incision, at the right place, and at the right time.
Radhanath Swami is a spiritual surgeon.

Radhanath swami always know how to give the message at the same time make the person feel better

All Glories TO H.H.Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Thanks Prabhuji, for this wonderful experience you shared with us. How deep is this realisation of Maharaj when he said that let that scar remain on the girls hand, as it is an manifestation of the lords mercy in a holy place. It just us speechless. An pray that we get more such realisations through the vision of our Guru Mahraj.

Hare Krishna

Radhanath Swami is so sensitive towards others feelings and expert like a doctor at administering the correct medicine and the right dosage. With such sincerity of purpose and compassion he wins over everyone’s hearts.

This incident dipicts Radhanath Swami’s mercy on the child and attitude towards Monkey who lives in Vrindavan as well. We also could not resist our deep appreciation for Vidhi who had such faith in the words of Radhanath Swami.

Radhanath Swami always stresses on the importance of maintaining good Vaishnava relationships. However it is not all idle talk. Radhanath Swami himself follows this as can be seen from this incident. Radhanath Swami ki Jai!

In every interaction here we see the love of Radhanath Maharaja pouring out; always seeing how to heal anothers heart with love and care and bring it closer to God!

Beautifully concluded above – “An expert guru is not just one who knows the truth, but one who knows how to administer it according to time place and circumstances”

this episode teaches us how to tolerate inconveniences at a dham without cribbing, if little vidhi can tolerate so much, why can’t we?

To feel the transcendence of a holy place is one thing, but to be sensitive to those who can’t feel that, and yet help them develop the same feeling is a step higher

People normally say “Truth is bitter” because they don’t have a caring doctor like Radhanath Swami to administer the truth with his sweet and tender care.

Radhanath Swami so humbly & expertly deals with each & every situation which melts everone’s heart.

this reminds me of my major accident which i met during 2004 kartik yatra in vrindavan. i almost lost my leg but due to guru maharajs mercy, things re fine. i feel indebted to all devotees who were there at that point of time and for the special mercy of dham

Radhanath Swami is very perfect in dealing with people, specially devotees…….as said by Mrs Arora, he saya truth so sweetly that it does not emotionally affect the person………..

Radhanath Swami Maharaj is so sensitive to others feelings and his love and compassion can give solace in the most difficult times.

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