Radhanath Swami’s Witty Tips for Leaders

Everybody has two sides to his/her personality, one of which is the divine. You should focus on the divine side and fan it. Real leadership means to bring the best side of everyone.

I cling on to these words spoken by Radhnath Swami whenever I feel cynical about the people I lead. But it’s the attitude that we are simply servants, working for the welfare of our dependents, that takes these words to the level of action. Scouring through Vedic history for good kings, we see every one of them spend the formative years of their lives at the hermitage of a guru, where they engage in menial services as part of their education. Thus, later their kingship stood on the foundation of service attitude.

Some years ago, I was introducing a student of one of the premier technological institutes of India, IIT, to Radhanath Swami, “He is a topper in his department.”

Radhanath Swami asked him, “What’s the reverse of TOP?”


“One on TOP has to wash POT to become a good leader.”

On another occasion, I was introducing a leader of a project to Radhanath Swami, “He is the Overall Cordinator.” Radhanath Swami turned to him and said, “Over- all should be taken as all-(are)-over us. We are humble servants of those we lead.”

Acharya Ratna Das, Vice President, ISKCON Kolkata.

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Radhanath Swami is the true spiritual leader. Today’s society in great need for leaders like Radhanath Swami.

such nice inspiring story…to be great and successful, we need to learn to serve others humbly….I pray to Maharaj and Lord to help me inculcate these qualities.

Radhanath Swami in his lectures also says about what the followers should be doing too: that we should cooperate with the authority keeping the higher principle of pleasing Srila Prabhupada in mind. Cause only this will lead to a flourishing spiritual congregation!

Radhanath Swami always stresses on the need to cultivate humility as the foremost personality trait, without which one cannot make serious spiritual progress in one’s life.

“One on TOP has to wash POT to become a good leader.” A leader is a servant. What a fine understanding. Thank you Radhanath Swami.

There is lots to learn from Maharaj. Maharaj is not only great preacher but also great leader and follower. Maharaj ki jai.

Radhanath Swami’s wit is legendary, and at the same time it never hurts anyone, only enhances love of God.

Radhanath Swami so kindly wants us to realize our position of being the eteranal servant of the servants of God as early as possible. Therefor his reminder to us time and again.

Radhanath Swami Maharaj stresses so much on the servitorship attitude which also reflects through his dealings.

As soon as one becomes complacent of the reality of being just a servant, there are innumerable problems that get created. Radhanath Swami using his wonderful humour is carefully guiding his students to be careful.

Contrary to popular belief, a leader is the foremost servant of all he/she leads; and Radhanath Swami drills this message through his leading disciples in the most glorious way.

Understanding the meaning of Leadership in today’s world means, how can you be on the top and exploit others in the name of being a motivator to enhance your own position. Rarely does one bother to analyze the madness. Radhanath Swami guides persons to be prolific Leaders who take great pains in nurturing souls to identify their true self and in process of reaching the ultimate goal of life, who in turn lead and guide many more.

Very Beautifully said thats true, we have to be always a menial servant of all, thank you prabhuji for sharing this, Koti Koti Dandavats to Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

Amazing description of a leader, never thought in this terms. The same principle we see in the life of Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

It does not take some efforts on the part of Radhanath Swami to find a chance to serve others. It comes so natural to him that love and service are integral part of his nature. Really, Radhanath Swami is an ocean of wisdom.

In this world everyone is trying to be on TOP but no understanding of washing the POT’s , being the servant. Another Radhanath Swami special.

Radhanath Swami clearly proves that everyone is a servant of others irrespective of his position. all positions are service oriented. All glories to Radhanath Swami.

HH Radhanath Swami shows by his personal example how the person who is at the top is the one who serves every body as a part and parcel of God.

Radhanth Swami is a personification of humility & tolerance, he makes sure that all his stundents follow the path.

Thanks for sharing these tips. Radhanath Swami is expert in conveying the deepest messages in such simple ways.

thank you very much for enlightening unless we accept a humble and menial position as servant of others we are not actually building the foundation for effective leadership

Radhanath Swami breathes ‘humility’. These its so natural. And what he says in a witty manner too is so deep and full of essence.

Radhanath Swami breathes ‘humility’. Thus its so natural. And what he says in a witty manner too is so deep and full of essence.

Maharaj’s witty words can bring an immediate smile on your face and at the same time teach you a lesson that can make you smile for a life time!

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