Radhanath Swami Re-enters the External World

Radhanath Swami lay on the hospital bed before me, semiconscious. His body burnt at 104 degree Fahrenheit and writhed in discomfort. He mumbled something to the backdrop of silence.  What was he saying? I crept closer till I could hear him distinctly. “Vrishabhanu Nandini. Vrishabhanu Nandini….” In deep love he called the names of the divine mother Radharani, the feminine counterpart of Lord Krishna.

Let this divine vibration enter my ears. Quietly, I placed myself on a chair nearby. But I wasn’t quiet enough! The creek of the chair brought Radhanath Swami’s consciousness back to the realm of the mortals. “Vishwaroop Prabhu!” He sounded delirious, yet elated. I now felt as if I was the only other person, not just in that room, but in the entire creation—the sole recipient of Radhanath Swami’s undivided compassion. “Vishwaroop Prabhu, I love you so much,” he murmured, pouring out the fatherly affection of his heart. My heart brimmed with unprecedented joy. And when Radhanath Swami repeated, over and over again, “Vishwaroop Prabhu, I love you so much,”—it overflowed.

The love that he was feeling for the divine had transformed into compassion when his consciousness re-entered the mundane world. And it’s this compassion, stemming from love of God, that pushes the great souls to tirelessly work for the welfare of the world.

–As narrated by Vishwaroop Prabhu.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. You are so lucky to have experienced this.

Wonderful experience !

You are so fortunate prabhu, you achieved perfection, that is the ultimate objective of a disciple. Maharaj is so kind.

Thank you so much Prabhu for sharing wonderful nectar.

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