For Radhanath Swami, People are above Projects

When the clock struck nine, my duties at school called me—but I ignored. Held captive by Radhanath Swami’s oratory, I couldn’t move from where I sat. As the audience that numbered in thousands drank- in every word he spoke, Radhanath Swami launched into a call for revolution. With a voice pitched high in compassion, he declared, “We must perform our duty selflessly, as a sacrifice, in divine consciousness and in devotion to God for the betterment of humanity.” Hearing that, my conscience whispered, “Continuing to hear this class, despite the call for a sacred duty; isn’t that selfish?” Yes, perhaps it was. I quietly walked out of the lecture hall to attend to my duties.

I worked as a construction engineer for the upcoming school building of the Gopal’s Garden High School. Housed in rented apartments for years, the school was now shifting to this new structure. Being a project inspired by Radhanath Swami, the school aimed to provide quality education with utmost focus on building the character of its students; and that made every service connected to this project sacred—including mine.

The students eagerly awaited the completion of the structure, and so did Radhanath Swami. Construction went full speed, demanding my presence on the site from early morning to late night. I worked even on weekends. Every morning I visited Radhagopinath temple, but came to the site much before the morning class at the temple even began.  On weekends however, since Radhanath Swami gave the morning class, I yearned to attend it. But midway through the discourse, guilt of insincerity would push me out of the lecture hall.

One day Radhanath Swami visited our site. Flanked by trustees of the project, he surveyed the building. Towards the end—to everyone’s surprise, including mine—he broke out of the elites and walked towards me. Did he know me?

“So, do you work here?” he asked.


“Do you work on weekends too?”

“Yes, I have to.”

“You will have to come here early everyday, except on weekends when I give classes.”

I felt a tingle climb up my spine. How did he know my heart?!!! I was just one amongst thousands that attended his classes, and yet he knew of the ambivalence I was thrown into every weekend.

Apart from the mysticism that hovers about this episode, I was deeply touched by the humaneness of Radhanath Swami’s personality. For him, people are way above projects. Our project was on a deadline, but he ignored it to make my weekends happy.

–Siddeshwar Bhat


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188 replies on “For Radhanath Swami, People are above Projects”

It’s amazing that anyone should think otherwise. “People are above projects.”

HH Radhanath Swami has always shown greater care, love and respect to every individual and its His unique quality which attracts even God.

Radhanath Swami’s compassionate and loving nature makes him such a great soul.

Radhanath Swami does understand the heart of those spiritually inclined

This is why Radhanath Swami’s able to create amzingly wonderful projects – because he cares for the people so much that out of love and gratitude for him, they dedicate their lives in return!

Thank you for sharing this incident…

Maharaj is amazing with his propensity to understand things like that and also use it compassionately and for good! Interesting story!

Guru is the external manifestation of Krishna. All glories to Radhnatha Swami.

This mood of Radhanath swami is what is sustainaing this wonderful community in Mumbai

Of course, for Maharaj it’s always people before projects.
The other important aspect of this incident is that Maharaj knows what’s in the the heart of the devotees, without being told….sometime it’s scarry too.

Hare Krishna! an episode truly reflecting the magnanimity of Radhanath swami. I hope and pray to get a tinge of that attitude in me.

Very touching. Each & every incident with Radhanath Swami is really really touching & inspiring

I am so touched by your dedication to the project of radhanath Swami that you would leave the weekend classes given by Radhanath Maharaj.
I am also coming to admire Maharaj’s way of personally reciprocating with all devotees.

Wonderful !

Very nice incident, you got direct mercy of HH Radhanath swami maharaj. You are so fortunate.

All Glories to HH Radhanath swami maharaj

This is fact. Radhanath Swami always have given importance to people over project and that is how the congregation though has grown to 1000s over last 2 decades, still the loving relations amongst devotees is praiseworthy. This is reflection of Divine quality of supreme Lord who also loves everyone.

amazing !!!! your dedication to follow swami ji’s instruction selflessly and his power to know everyones heart…really very touching…thnks for sharing

My sincere most humble obesiances at the lotus feet of my spiritual Master HH Radhanath Swami.

Very hearttouching incident.It shows how much Sensitive Great souls are towards everybody.Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful!! Maharaj has indeed come to take all souls back home back to Godhead. There is no word to describe his causeless mercy.Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for this wonderful post as it clarified some questions in my mind.

thank you very much for sharing this pr. really your dedication to serve Maharaj is really inspired me . ALL GLORIES TO RADHANATH SWAMI MAHARAJ.

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