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Radhanath Swami’s VIP

11th January 1998, at the opening of Mira Road hospital, I was given the service to make continuous announcements over the public address system. Also I was expected to guide different categories of guests and invitees. Radhanath Swami was already in the hospital taking a guided tour. When Radhanath Swami reached Read more …

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An Exhilarating Moment With Radhanath Swami

In 1998, I often rode Radhanath Swami from an Ayurvedic Clinic in suburban Mumbai to Bhaktivedanta Hospital. He seldom spoke during these journeys, for he would be exhausted after his treatment at the clinic.

On one ride something interesting happened. Read more …

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“What can I do for you?”

From 1993, when I was nine, to 2007, Lady Nothcote Hindu Orphanage was my home. At the time it was located close to Radhagopinath temple, in the heart of Mumbai. Recently, it is moved from there to a village named Galtare, so the students can be raised in an environment free from the pollution and dangers of the big city.

While at the Orphanage, every morning before I went to School, I was drawn up the staircase to Radhanath Swami’s room Read more …

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On a flight with Radhanath Swami

That journey will be forever etched in my memories. With Radhanath Swami sitting next to me, I wouldn’t be in a sweat even if that plane had flown forever.

At the Netaji Shubas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, Radhanath Swami and I boarded our flight to Mumbai. Read more …

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What was Radhanath Swami Still Doing Inside?

As I waited outside to have a last word with him, I wondered what Radhanath Swami was still doing in his room: his luggage was already out and a chauffeured car waited for him at the gates. He was returning to Mumbai after a three day spiritual retreat, which had just concluded with his discourse to a crowd of three thousand in the idyllic lawns of Mafatlal Bungalow. Read more …

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Radhanath Swami Quotes...

"It takes hard work to make something wonderful"

"Not a moment in human life passes that you are not accounted for"

"Compassion brings fulfillment to the heart. Selfish desires simply agitate the heart."