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With Radhanath Swami on Rasa Purnima

It was Rasa Purnima, the full moon night of October. According to the Srimad Bhagavatam this was the night when Lord Krishna performed the Rasa dance, a dance that represents the most perfect intimacy between the soul and God. Read more …

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Brigade Reports to Radhanath Swami

First, in the early nineties, my wife and I took to bhakti yoga. Then our parents and brothers followed suit. With Radhanath Swami as our friend, philosopher and guide, bhakti grew more pleasing and exciting with every passing day. Soon, we ached for bhakti to fill our very lives, and in our enthusiasm sought Radhanath Swami’s guidance for almost anything. Read more …

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On a Pilgrimage with Radhanath Swami

In 1990, I again visited Vrindavan, a holy place in North India. I had been there fifty-odd times before and knew its every nook and corner. Things changed little with time in these relatively remote places. So, even on this visit everything looked familiar, but with Radhanath Swami Read more …

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From Chillums to Chants

After reading Radhanath Swami’s The Journey Home, Read more …

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The Unforgettable Dimly Lit Night

An unforgettable night! It was pitch dark except for the faint light that shimmered from the crescent moon and the stars above. Read more …

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Radhanath Swami Quotes...

"It takes hard work to make something wonderful"

"Not a moment in human life passes that you are not accounted for"

"Compassion brings fulfillment to the heart. Selfish desires simply agitate the heart."